The Life of a Poor Boy

June 5th, 1947

My dad gave me a notebook for my birthday. It’s really weird because I didn’t want a notebook, but he told me to write everything I felt about and everything I go through in this book. He also told me to write in our language, and not to show anybody. So here it is. Hi! My name is Akecheta and I’m 12 years old! I live with my pa and ma, and my little sister in a small tribal camp not too far from the big cities. I grew up here with my family and friends, and my favourite thing to go is play with animals. My favourite animal is the horse because it’s so big and majestic. I like riding horses. I don’t like cleaning their poo though, it smells really bad. My life is pretty good because I have a good family, a wonderful sister, and I am free to do whatever I please. I really like my life! I wish it could be like this forever!

June 7th, 1947

I’m very tired today. My ma is making me clean the house and make sure all the horses are clean. I don’t know why she’s making me do all of this. All my sister does is relax and play with all her friends. Why do I have to work all day? It’s not fair. I’m really upset by it. I want to go and have fun. I dislike my ma sometimes. I need to be free and live my life. I just want this day to end. But something feels off though. Pa has been acting very strange lately, and hasn’t really been looking at me lately.  We were suppose to go on our walk, but he asked me to go by myself. I wonder what I did wrong.

June 10th, 1947

Days go on by and my pa is keeping his distance. I don’t know what I did wrong though. Did I forget to clean the horses? Or did I say something rude to him? Ma won’t tell me what’s wrong, and every time I walk up to her, I think I see her start to cry. I never like to see my ma cry. What am I doing wrong? I see my ma and pa pray every night now, and they don’t usually pray. My sister seems to be the only one who still loves me. I can always count on her to be my friend.

June 11th, 1947

I’m so cold. And I’m hungry. They all came so fast. I was dragged by my shirt while I was sleeping. It all happened too quickly. I saw my mom screaming while by father was holding her back. Nothing could have prepared me for what’s coming next. I was scared, I was confused, and I was alone. There were other kids like me. Some of them were older, and others younger. They were all as scared as I was. Their light, slowly fading away from them. We’re on a truck going somewhere none of us know. There’s someone coming. I must hide.

June 12th, 1947

I don’t like this place at all. The teachers are mean and rude, and are scary. They treat kids very badly. I see them whipping, and hitting, and hurting young kids. The new kids were screaming and crying for their families. I won’t lie. I was crying too. They washed us with hard brushes and gave us all the same clothing. I have marks on my back from the bushes and I feel uncomfortable. I don’t like my clothes, they’re itchy. I want my on stuff back. But I won’t say anything. Before I spoke my language and one of the nuns smacked me with a stick. I didn’t know why she had to hit me. She hit me again and told me to never speak my language again. I don’t talk anymore. I’m too scared. I don’t want to get hit again.

June 19th, 1947

It’s been 7 days since I’ve last written. A boy who had a notebook like me was caught writing when a priest walk by him last night. He dragged by the boy by his hair. He was screaming so loud that everyone woke up. He was apologizing and said he wouldn’t do it again. But that didn’t stop the priest. He was dragged away and I haven’t seem him since. I have only been here for only 10 days. And I feel absolutely alone. The kids here are losing their lights as quickly as I am. The nuns and priests bring nothing but evil to our souls. I can’t be here anymore. I am too sad to do anything. Every night I lie in my bed for hours, thinking about my family at home. Wondering how they’re doing. I miss them everyday.  I wish I was home.

June 21st, 1947

I can’t do it anymore. I was walking through a field with a bunch of other boys when I saw her. My sister was walking through the field with nuns dragging her by her arm. I screamed for her! I called her name, screaming to the top of my lungs. But before I could say anything else, I was hit from behind with a ruler. I fell right to the ground. I blacked out for a second. It was straight to the head. All I could hear was my sister screaming after me. When I finally found the power to open my eyes, she was gone, dragged to a another part of the school. My school mates helped me up. My heart stopped as I realized what they do to little girls like my sister. She won’t ever be the same. They are going to abuse her. They’re going to take her life away.

June 22nd, 1947

I found the rope in the back of the farm. It was a little moldy, but it will do the job. After being in here for so long, Ive realized that I’m not strong enough to do this. My ma and pa aren’t coming for me. My sister will never be the same. I can no longer help her. I’m too weak to do this. I wish nothing but the best for everyone else who’s stronger than me. All the best to those who make it through. Stay strong and do what I couldn’t. Don’t lose your light like I did.

The Start of a New Beginning: the Conferderation of Canada

It has been over 50 years since I lost my life to the Americans. The words I say are limited as it has been awhile since I’ve seen the world we live in now. But as a lost soul, I still have dreams. I still have wishes. And I still have regrets.

I have mixed feelings about the confederation of Canada. I have seen the dark sides of the British, and I feel deep down that they have a plan, just like how they have a plan for everything else. They just want Canadians to feel unified, but in the end, they will get everything they wanted. I do believe in peace, and I want nothing more than freedom and independence for my people, but this isn’t the way it should be done. So many people of my kind has lost their lives to the constant battles that have happened on these lands.

But then again, I am nothing more than a spirit who lost his body half a century ago. The faith of Canada rests in the hands of others, and I hope they are the right hands. I have seen so much corruption within the American and British empire, and I wish nothing more than to see a different Canada. A stronger, wiser, peaceful Canada. I guess there is no more time for war, and that this is the time of peace.

My only words to the aboriginals is to stay strong. Fight for what your believe in. Do not let the new world destroy what we have worked years for. Do not be abused by the oppression of white people and for god’s sake do not stand down. You might not all be warriors, but you all have hearts. I can’t say that I am hopeful for the future and that everything will be fine, but I do see things changing, and change is good when everything is going so bad. Be part of a change you are proud to see.

My time is coming to a near end, and I wish the future country of Canada the best. For my entire life, I have been remembered for being a vicious war animal, but now, all I want to be remembered for is for being someone who fought for what he believed in. I want to be remembered for the contributions I made to the war of 1812, and for taking over Fort Detroit. I want to be remembered for fighting for a force that has forgotten about me and left me to rot. I want to be remembered for being a true hero, and for standing for what matters to me. All the best to you Canada, and remember my wise words as you grow to become the best country the world has ever seen.


The Start of a Horrible Beginning: The Prospective of a Lost Soul

How could they do this to me? They took everything away from me. They left me to rot, die, and be forgotten. This should not happen to me. They promised me freedom, peace, and unity. AND THEY LEFT ME TO DIE! THEY LEFT ME TO ROT AND DECIDED TO LEAVE ME TO PERISH. I didn’t think this would happen when you try to stand with British. I did everything to make my people happy. I did everything to create a land where they could live without war. But in a matter of years, I have been forgotten by the people I stood with.

I lost my life in the field of war. After being kidnapped, the Americans took my life away. I thought I would be at least remembered for the contributions I have made to the formation of Canada. But I wasn’t. The British left me to be forgotten for the things I’ve done. I did whatever I needed to do to defeat the Americans. But now I know who the real enemy is.

I hear that there is talk among the colonies of Canada, and how they want to create a united country. They want to branch of the British, but still keep some ties. I have to disagree with that idea. The British Empire is full of trickery, and always have a plan up their sleeves. They only do things that benefits themselves as they do not care about the welfare of others. The British Empire is bringing corruption to these once peaceful lands and has brought nothing but death. THE BRITISH ARE THE DEATH OF MY PEOPLE. Canada needs to fight the British to be able to become independent. The native groups of Canada must come together and drive the British force out of our lands. There seems to be no other way. We cannot trust the British any longer and the Americans are just bad people. A unity of aboriginals seem to be the only way out of the hole we have dug ourselves in. Even though I am no longer alive and there is nothing left except the wisdom of my past, I wish nothing more than to see the British Empire fall. May they all burn.


1840: The Struggle of a Native King

My words will be short, as war does not allow people to share stories. This has been going for too long. Too much blood has been shed, many great men, gone. The sight of war is not pretty. I am furious what the Americans have caused the great people of the land. Americans have caused our once great land to fall to ashes. We were once strong, free, and an independent land of colonies, but now we face danger, fear, and death.

I have joined forces with the British to take down the army that has caused so much pain to my people. The British has promised us unity, peace, and harmony. I never take full trust into people, but the British is the only way we can win this war. I am putting all my faith into them. They are the only empire that I trust at the moment, and with all the things they are going to fix after, I see no harm in joining forces.

I want to vanquish the people of the South! People of the north and native colonies have joined together to become one, and take on the armies coming from the America. We have attacked many American posts and areas and we have been winning the war. The most successful capture was the capture of fort Detroit. It seems that we are winning this war. There has been times where the british and my colonies have retreated, but we will stand strong. We will become one. We will win this war!


In-depth #6: Preparing for the End

Oh dear. I don’t have time for anything these days. These past few weeks, and these upcoming few months, will probably be the busiest I have ever been. With my cadets starting to interfere with my TALONS, life has been difficult as I am trying my best to get the full benefits of the two highly dedicated programs. A lot of things are popping out in cadets, and the fact that I am also playing rugby is making the life of young Addam a tad bit more difficult than usual. However, I wouldn’t have joined if I knew it was all going to be easy. It’s going to be difficult at first, but I’ll live.

There is less than a month before in-depth night, and I can already feel all the stress coming to me. For my in-depth skill, car maintenance, I can’t seem to come up with an idea that will engage mt audience and still be creative. There are some skills that can easily be presented in a fun and creative way without being over the top, and I feel like care maintenance is not one of them. My first original idea was to possibly bring a car to the in-depth night (my family members) and show a hands on demonstration on the things I can do. However, this idea might not work so well because 1. my family members need the cars, 2. people might not be able to see my stand from where they are, and 3. there might not be the right space where I can bring a car. So I felt like that idea would not be the greatest.

So my most current idea of presenting my skills are a bunch of “do-it-yourself” videos, which shows me explaining what you’re suppose to do and shows me physically changing whatever I need to show. I could have a screen that shows the videos on a loop, where some “mechanic clothing”, and possibly bring a few tools to show everyone which is which and what things you need to to which task. I haven’t thought of a hands on activity yet, but hopefully I’ll come up with an idea before in-depth night becomes to close.

I haven’t seen my mentor within two weeks because he has been really busy with school and with work. However, this weekend we will be having a three hour session where I am going to tape all the changes I am going to teach for the in-depth night. My time for learning new things seems to be coming to an end. Now, I just need to constantly practice to perfect these skills. My mentor has been really nice about not being able to see me and all of that. I really enjoy being with my mentor, and it seems as if I can follow footsteps similar to his.

Until next time Talons. P.S. I also took some photos to show you what I’ve been doing!




Where oil is stored


Break Disk


Tire separator




Spare tires



January 22nd 1793: The Beginning of the End

It has been one day since the death of our king, and I am not prepared for what’s coming up next.

His death was not a clean one. There were so many watchers, just chanting and waiting foe the beheading of the man that lead to so many deaths. The man that caused all of this trouble within the people. The man who was the reason that my ribs are broken.

In the middle of one bread riot, the commoners got so out of control that they started pushing people the the floor. Commoners were mad at Josephin and I, so they felt like they needed to push me into a wall, breaking my rib, possibly two. Now I have to work extra hard at making bread; their idea of almost killing a baker wasn’t a smart one.

Ever since the rise of prices for bread, commoners have constantly rioted in the cities of France. People need to be able to live, and without have enough money to buy bread now, how are they suppose to live? Commoners need to realize that the rise of prices in bread cannot simply be changed. There are grains that we must buy, and with bad weather and all, grains cost more money. And my wife and I need to survive in this sad world too.

But I feel like the death of the king will not lead to the world they wanted. People need order, something to look up to. And the king, although hated, was something people can look to to lead their country. I’m not saying that I liked the man, I hated him as much as any other commoner. But it was not the right decision to kill him and start a new government. People do not know what they want, and this Republic idea might ruin France to the ground. I think we should have a new monarch, someone people can look up to and make sure that everyone is equal, the bread prices are stable, and everyone can live.

People are still celebrating in the streets, cheering for the new government, but I think it won’t be so easy. I think the republic will help for a bit, but one people don’t know what to do and problems arises, that’s when everything will fall.

But for now, I am keen on living the simply life with my wife and enjoying my time with some good rhymes. And bake bread for the people as well.



A Healthy Life: The Fundementals of Longevity


Every day, thousands of Canadian teens are bullied. Although, bullying can be hard to determine as bullying may be considered playful “games” to others. Most believe that situations would be considered bullying if physical aspects were involved. However, bullying can take many forms. Bullying can be physical, verbal, virtual, or non-verbal by a single look. Bullying could vary in length, lasting from short-term days, to agonizing years. Bullying can be looked as the willful, conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten someone else. Bullies usually envy some sort of power; although this power isn’t always seen by a bystander. Bullying is caused in a variety of forms as stated earlier. Physical bullying includes the bully physically abusing their victim by kicking, punching, tripping, and pinching, and so on. These can cause bruises and scars and deeply affect the victim. Verbal bullying includes the victim being called names, swore at, insults, teasing, and so on. Another common form of bullying these days is cyber bullying. This form of bullying uses digital products to bully others. Causing rumors, saying mean names, and causing stirs can all be done from the comfort of your own room. Cyber bullying is the newest from of bullying and is still involving each day. Bullying is one of the hardest things teenagers can go through as growing individuals, and bullying is a very serious matter as they could lead to long-term effects or even worse: suicide. There are adults such as parents, Councillors, and trained professionals that can help you with these kind of things so the bullying can come to an end.

Eating Healthy

One of the key elements to a long, healthy life is healthy eating. To become a vigorous individual, you must maintain a healthy diet that benefit individuals physically, such as providing energy for school, maximum height if you’re still growing, and healthy looking hair and skin, and mentally, such as providing better self-esteem, improved concentration, and lower stress. Healthy eating could lead to a more enjoyable life, as eating the right amount of nutrients can also cause individuals to feel better about themselves, have a healthier, more productive body, and maintain a healthy weight. Healthy eating also prevents harmful diseases, such as obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain types of cancer, osteoporosis, high blood pressure and depression. Eating healthy provides nutrient to your body’s organs and bones and produces natural energy that your body uses. To receive all these important nutrient, individuals must consume a healthy amount of Vegetables & Fruit, Grain Products, Milk and Alternatives, and Meat and Alternatives. To make sure you receive all these food groups, many individuals look towards healthy meal plans to support their healthy goals. To develop healthy meal plans, one must have an accurate understanding of all the nutrition they need for their age and gender.

Healthy Relationships

Before understanding healthy relationships, you must understand that there are many different types of relationships. There are relationships with your family members, relationships with your friends, and relationships with romantic partners. There are relationships which are healthy, while other relationships are harmful. Harmful relationships can be abusive to teens and affect them negatively. Most healthy relationships, no matter who it is with, contain seven qualities: mutual respect, trust, honesty, support, fairness/equality, separate identities, and good communication. These qualities produce a healthy relationship between yourself and the other individual. An unhealthy relationship is when there is disrespect, abuse, and/or controlling behavior. There are relationships which individuals see physical, emotional, and verbal abuse to be normal when it is not. When relationships reach to an extent where an individual is physically or verbally abusing the other to get what he or she wants; this would be considered a very harmful relationship as they do not contain the seven qualities and is injuring an individual. It is important to ask yourself questions whether a relationship is healthy to you or is harming you. Someone who might be lacking kindness and respect may need professional guidance before entering a relationship. Individuals might find getting out of a relationship hard when they do not love themselves. They might look towards their boyfriends or girlfriends for the emotional support they need. However, some relationships require more effort than others, and some individuals are not ready to devote the time and effort towards a relationship. It is important to develop the good qualities in yourself before going out and searching for someone to be in a relationship with.

Drugs and Alcohol

The teenage years of an individual’s life are the years where you might feel pressured to do something by your friends or family to participate in things that you consider bad and inappropriate. In situations like this, it is important to make the choices that you think are right for you. A very serious drug that isn’t considered a drug to most people is alcohol. Alcohol is the most common drug that is taken by individuals. A common activity with drinking is binge drinking. Binge drinking is when an individual consumes a heavy amount of alcohol over a short time period. There are many reasons why someone would drink heavily. Maybe the individual is attracted to alcohol, as businesses and bars portray drinking to be an enjoyable activity Individuals may be curious about alcohol, believe it will make them feel happier, or even think they will look older. However, binge drinking can lead to a lot of problems like being hung-over, mood changes, lost concentration, and so on. One of the most serious side-effects of drinking is alcohol poisoning. Alcohol can affect your body and cause damage to the body’s involuntary reflexes. Alcohol is a drug that seriously harms your body and affects your impaired judgement, as drinkers do things they wouldn’t do when they’re sober. Teenagers can be pressured to do other substances as well, known as drugs. There are drugs that are beneficial and help people with their health. However, drugs can be misused and cause serious harm to your body. There are a variety of drugs out in the world, and many are used for different effects. Drugs may feel good in the beginning, but can cause long-term effects which will damage the body. Individuals may take drugs because they will be accepted by others, they believe it will make them feel better, they are just curious, and so on. Drugs can make people become more alert or simply not care. Drugs may seem to be the right choice in the beginning to cure problems, but will only contribute to the problems and most likely make them worst. Drugs can be very addictive and cause individuals to abuse the drug of their choice. Alcohol and drugs are substances that should not be abused and over-used.


STIs are sexually transmitted infections and can be a very dangerous to not only sexual active teens, but everyone else. STIs are diseases that spread through person to person with intimate contact. STIs are not only transmitted by sexual intercourse, but can be spread through skin-to-skin contact with an infected area or sores. STIs can be transmitted through a variety of sexual activities such as sexual intercourse, anal sex, or oral sex, as they can spread the infections through the cuts in the mouth and anus. STIs can be very dangerous as some individuals have no idea that they contain the infections. These individuals pose a real threat as they can transmit the infections through other sex partners. STIs do not have a preference, and can affect boys and girls with a variety of backgrounds. STIs can lead to health problems, and can be life threatening as it may develop AIDS/HIV. The few factors that increase an individual’s chance of getting STIs are sexual activity at a young age, a variety of sex partners, and unprotected sex. There are a lot of things you can do to prevent STIs however. If you are considering to have sex or have just started, go see a doctor to make sure that you are healthy and to learn more about STIs. The most preventable way to get STIs is to wear a condom when preforming sexual intercourse. It is much easier to prevent STIs than to treat them.