A Justice World?

Good day.

Unfortunately talking about politics sometimes upsets me. The reason for this is because it upsets me how few people know about politics. Canadian citizens have the right to vote, and are the deciding the future success of this country. However, Canadians are not all voting, and its safe to say not all Canadians have an in-depth understanding of the parties and what they are representing. I am thankful to being in a class that has so many discussions about these kinds of topics so I can know my stuff and make inform decisions. Socials has been a roller coaster of information. From being to pre-confederation Canada, to having discussions on our modern federal parties, there is no way to tell how a socials class will end. The second half of socials however, has really stuck with me. Politics is something I’ve always been curious about, and my knowledge on the topic was very basic. I knew the parties, the leaders, and what their goal was. But being in this socials class, I’ve learned so much more, from how the system of government has changed over time, to finding the values of the political parties. With the election drawing near, I can understand why there has been so many ads about the parties, and why every single party is trying to win those last minute votes.

I honestly can’t see how the election turns out. My father and I always have discussions about who is most likely to win. But this year, it’s challenging to chose a winner. The NDP is starting to become popular, recently gaining more seat in Alberta, which was thought to be a Conservative province. I think it’s going to be a close election with a surprising turnout.

But back to socials, there is a lot of things about politics I feel strong about. It’s difficult to chose one political narrative, but the narrative I feel speaks to me most is the identity of Canada. Any party leader can make new taxes, create jobs, and provide for families; however, not every leader can create a quality identity. Throughout history, Canadians have proved themselves to be a strong, hardworking, and independent nation to the rest of the world, and I want a party who will keep this image of Canada the same or even better. And the party I think will best present this narrative is the Liberal Party of Canada.

The reason I chose the Liberal party is because of my values. I would classify myself more of a left wing person, and believe in common ideas such as equality, fairness, and justice. Perhaps its from the influences of my father, or maybe the way I was born, but something about a fair world speaks to me. After doing many research about the parties, I discovered that the Liberals are the best party to represent my thoughts and ideas. I respect their past leaders, especially Pierre Trudeau for the contributions he has made to this country. Imagine a world without the Human Charter of Right. How would you like to live in a country like that? I believe that Justin Trudeau will carry on his father’s legacy and create a more equal Canada. Although it might not be what I want to see exactly, I have faith that he will do his job well. The Liberal party has been known to be a left-winged party (hence the liberal part) and I support them for building a more friendly nation.

That’s not to say that I will be a Liberal for the rest of my life. Mostly based on the history of the party, Liberals really spoke to me. But parties might change, and prove themselves to have better intentions. The NDP is still a new party, and could have values that will attract to me in 10 years. Politics change, and so does prospective and opinions. Although Liberals are representing me now, only time will tell what I grow up to be. Again, I’m only a teenage boy in distress.

The Interactions between Europeans and Aboriginals: An Endless Story

Hello all,

this is the time of year when everyone is going a tad bit crazy before the summer hits. People are getting busier, stressful, and making problems out of things that aren’t worth making problems about. I guess it’s just the constant pressure that rests on our shoulders. There are so many distressed people around this time of year, and I have one tip: relax. Go hang out with friends, watch a movie, and go live life. I got this inspiration from Amira’s blog post and what she said really hit me. I totally agree with her 100%. Academics are really important don’t get me wrong, but I think having fun once in awhile and treating yourself is equally as important. Talk to those people you haven’t seen in over a month. Go do something you’ve been wanting to do. Don’t stress about the little things.

So back on topic, over the course of this semester, I have learned a variety of things that have contributed to the Confederation of Canada. And when I was a little kid, I was taught about aboriginals and what they were about. In elementary school, we did group projects on specific aboriginal groups and we had to give presentations about their way of living, what they ate and how they were as a tribe. I have heard countless stories and ravens and animals that has taught me so many life lessons. In grade 10, with endless discussions and readings, there are so many things to learn and still learn about. To start off, I know this situation is extremely complicated. I have a basic understanding of this topic before this course started. Through my middle school years, I was briefly taught about residential schools and the impacts it had made on the lives of aboriginals. Ever since I was informed about residential schools, I have always had a sick feeling inside me. It makes me uncomfortable to know that so many people have been abused for their heritage. I knew that things like this has happened throughout history, and with so many different kinds of people. When I was younger, I thought it was the Europeans’ fault and that they were bad people and they caused this mess. However, as I grow older, I have gained something extremely important: prospective. Now that I see from more than one side, I see that it wasn’t really the Europeans’ fault. I’m not saying what they did was a good thing in any way means, but to look at a side and understand what their purpose was is very different than saying you are on their side. It still makes me feel sick and uncomfortable to think of the things those kids went through, but I believe that the European settlers had the right intentions. The rest of my knowledge on this topic is very vague. I know about the Indian treaties and how the natives helped the British in specific wars, but I never really got super in-depth into these topics.

There are so many things I want to know more about in this PLO. Like I said before, the interactions between aboriginals and Europeans is a complicated story, so the more I know, the more I can understand it. I really want to focus on the peace Treaties and what they do for natives. Going more in-depth into these topics will really help me understand what they do for natives and what should be changed to further benefit them. I am also really interested in learning more about Residential schools. I know this is a very grey area and it makes  a lot of people uncomfortable including myself, but more information could help me improve on my prospective in which would help me with every day life. Improving my prospective will help me see things differently, being global news, or me fighting with a friend. Overall, I just want to see things from a different point of view in all these situations. If there is one side people are always looking at, I want to see from the other side. I want to be able to say, “Well this is the reason they did this or that”. I want to have a more open mind to situations. And learning about the interactions between Aboriginals and Europeans will help me with that.

There are a variety of questions I still have:

-Do similar school systems like this still exist today?

-Who determined the workers in the schools? (priests, nuns, doctors)

-Do native families ever try to run away to get far from residential schools?

-Has there ever been an attempt to break out kids from a residential school from the outside?

There are other PLO’s that would be covered as well from learning PLO B2. Section A1, A2, A3, and C4. Section A1-3 will definitely be used because it requires  critical thinking and critical thinking is needed to see a situation from all prospective. I also think c4 is talked about since it is important to know about the government’s role in this situation and how they contributed to Residential schools and Peace treaties.

Over this semester, I hope that I learn to see things from different prospective clearly, and I think this will be my main goal for me for the rest of the year. As we continue to learn more about the interactions between Europeans and Aboriginals, I hope to gain more knowledge, a better understanding, and a wiser mind.

Back from the Grave; Social Studies Midterm!

Hello all,

I hope you are doing quite fabulous. I am about to post the link to my social studies midterm assignment which happens to be a Prezi presentation.

Over the semester, I can honestly say that I’ve learned a lot of things that I didn’t know before. Thanks to the role playing, I once again took on the challenge of becoming a different person and taking on their prospective on the formation of Canada. I have always enjoyed role playing and can say socials has been quite interesting this year. Both confederation and current event discussions has got me involved in stating my opinions on situations. My one goal for the rest of the semester is to become more involved in classroom discussions and share my opinions on subjects.

Here is the link to my Prezi: https://prezi.com/bn7uyghc61ss/socials-midterm-assignment/

Do enjoy!

-Azaly Addam


The Start of a New Beginning: the Conferderation of Canada

It has been over 50 years since I lost my life to the Americans. The words I say are limited as it has been awhile since I’ve seen the world we live in now. But as a lost soul, I still have dreams. I still have wishes. And I still have regrets.

I have mixed feelings about the confederation of Canada. I have seen the dark sides of the British, and I feel deep down that they have a plan, just like how they have a plan for everything else. They just want Canadians to feel unified, but in the end, they will get everything they wanted. I do believe in peace, and I want nothing more than freedom and independence for my people, but this isn’t the way it should be done. So many people of my kind has lost their lives to the constant battles that have happened on these lands.

But then again, I am nothing more than a spirit who lost his body half a century ago. The faith of Canada rests in the hands of others, and I hope they are the right hands. I have seen so much corruption within the American and British empire, and I wish nothing more than to see a different Canada. A stronger, wiser, peaceful Canada. I guess there is no more time for war, and that this is the time of peace.

My only words to the aboriginals is to stay strong. Fight for what your believe in. Do not let the new world destroy what we have worked years for. Do not be abused by the oppression of white people and for god’s sake do not stand down. You might not all be warriors, but you all have hearts. I can’t say that I am hopeful for the future and that everything will be fine, but I do see things changing, and change is good when everything is going so bad. Be part of a change you are proud to see.

My time is coming to a near end, and I wish the future country of Canada the best. For my entire life, I have been remembered for being a vicious war animal, but now, all I want to be remembered for is for being someone who fought for what he believed in. I want to be remembered for the contributions I made to the war of 1812, and for taking over Fort Detroit. I want to be remembered for fighting for a force that has forgotten about me and left me to rot. I want to be remembered for being a true hero, and for standing for what matters to me. All the best to you Canada, and remember my wise words as you grow to become the best country the world has ever seen.


The Start of a Horrible Beginning: The Prospective of a Lost Soul

How could they do this to me? They took everything away from me. They left me to rot, die, and be forgotten. This should not happen to me. They promised me freedom, peace, and unity. AND THEY LEFT ME TO DIE! THEY LEFT ME TO ROT AND DECIDED TO LEAVE ME TO PERISH. I didn’t think this would happen when you try to stand with British. I did everything to make my people happy. I did everything to create a land where they could live without war. But in a matter of years, I have been forgotten by the people I stood with.

I lost my life in the field of war. After being kidnapped, the Americans took my life away. I thought I would be at least remembered for the contributions I have made to the formation of Canada. But I wasn’t. The British left me to be forgotten for the things I’ve done. I did whatever I needed to do to defeat the Americans. But now I know who the real enemy is.

I hear that there is talk among the colonies of Canada, and how they want to create a united country. They want to branch of the British, but still keep some ties. I have to disagree with that idea. The British Empire is full of trickery, and always have a plan up their sleeves. They only do things that benefits themselves as they do not care about the welfare of others. The British Empire is bringing corruption to these once peaceful lands and has brought nothing but death. THE BRITISH ARE THE DEATH OF MY PEOPLE. Canada needs to fight the British to be able to become independent. The native groups of Canada must come together and drive the British force out of our lands. There seems to be no other way. We cannot trust the British any longer and the Americans are just bad people. A unity of aboriginals seem to be the only way out of the hole we have dug ourselves in. Even though I am no longer alive and there is nothing left except the wisdom of my past, I wish nothing more than to see the British Empire fall. May they all burn.


A Good Source

There are a lot of resources to choose from when gathering information about Canada forming into a nation, but I got my information from a source called Canada Geographic.

Quoted from the text:

“In the 1860s, colonists in British North America became concerned that the United States would try to fulfill their philosophy of manifest destiny by taking over all of North America. The fears were worsened when, during the American Civil War, Britain supported the Southern Confederate Army. When the Northern Yankees won the war, fears the Northern army might continue to fight by invading British territory grew.”

I chose this website because I thought it summarized the history of Canada very nicely while having a visual map showing the different colonizations in Canada at the time. The website seemed very professional and informative. It answers my question about what colonies were in Canada at the time and how they changed over the years. It also relates to my earlier blog post about prospective, as it talks about how party members came together to fix a problem after years of differences.

This source relates to a few PLO’s in section B and C as it analyses the factors that led to the Confederation and development of Canada. Also, it evaluates the impact of interactions between a variety of colonies.

The idea of Having a Better Idea

Where have we been?

There are numerous ways to answer this question. I can talk about how our technology has developed. Or I could possibly share a story of where I’ve been and where I hope to be. However, I feel it would be most productive if I spoke about how we as a species have developed our ideas and prospective. We as a people have been through a lot throughout our years of developing. In the beginning, we were very narrow minded in my opinion, fearing all that we do not know. We also were very conservative, stuck in our old ways, doing whatever our ancestors did. Before, the world was very different. We treated people with a specific skin colour as slaves, while we burned people who were believed to be “witches”. Over history, we see patterns of a specific race coming on top out of all situations. Millions of people died because of believing in a certain god. It’s crazy to think that nations were split into two parts because the colour of our skins. We started wars and caused the death of millions of people because we wanted more “power”. The world we lived in before was full of minds that didn’t have prospective. Fortunately, our world has developed into a new era. An era where people defend each other if a racial slur is said or if someone is targeting a certain type of race. Years ago, people would feel uncomfortable if someone liked someones from the same sex. However, the same conversation if spoken today would be more pleasant. People would be more accepting of your difference, something that we would think would be impossible decades ago.

Where are we going?

As a society, we can alway improve. I think out problems have changed from being obvious to not so obvious. But in the future, will people say that our problems were so obvious even though we think they aren’t? Only time will tell, but I think our minds can always improve. The way we interpret ideas and make decisions can be done in a way that is fair and unbais. The way we take information could also be improved. I believe we are going to a generation where we will focus on external problems such as global warming instead of internal problems like corrupted law enforcements. I can’t really say what we can improve on or where we are going because it isn’t so obvious to me. However, it will be. People sometimes learn from their mistakes, and once we see the mistakes a generation has made, we will improve on them.

The French Resolution: The End of a Complicated Baker Life

Finally. The trouble of life has started to die down as the Revolution has come to an end. I must admit, why wife and I were scared for our lives for most of it. People were going mad, fighting in the streets, death everywhere. But it seems as if people are calming down. In the beginning it was really scary. People were desperate, and they would do anything to survive the revolution. We as simple bakers did not want any harm. We were just trying to make a business, and survive the hard world we currently live in. The king and queen have been executed, and the country is trying to rebuild what’s left of it.

I’m at the point where I don’t know what I should do for myself or my wife. France is trying to build a new government, something where people have a say in what happens. But I feel like this won’t do us any good. People can never appreciate what they have until it’s gone. I didn’t think the Monarchy was a bad idea; that all we need was a different leader with different negotiation. But then again, who am I to say what’s better or worse for the people? I’m just a simple baker after all. Now people are all about new things, new people, new government. And once my wife and I noticed less and less bread riots, we knew the people were ready to accept the new world. We can live the simple life we always wanted now.

I know France will never be the same, what I don’t know is whether it will be better or worse. Thousands of people have died because of the French Revolution, and those people will never be forgotten. My friends who were involved in the uprising, now dead. Because of the Revolution, people now know that they can make a difference. The government now know that people will cause destruction when things are not going their ways. Everyone knows that France can never be the same as it was before all this madness happened. I didn’t want any of this to happen now that I know all the troubles that have raised from it. I didn’t want anyone to die. I didn’t want the government to be changed. I just wanted to make a living.

I, as Francis DuPoint, a simple baker in the French Revolution, want to be remembered as the baker who did not let the Revolution get to him. Even though I was scared for my wife’s and I life, and the dangers of other people who went mad during the Revolution threatened us every single day, we did not lose our minds. We stood what we believed in, tried to make a living, and be the best bakers we are meant to be. Now that everything is over, I am keen to rebuilding my bakery’s reputation, make myself and my wife happy, and sell some good loaves on the way.

Francis DuPoint: Out.

It is all over now

It is all over now


January 22nd 1793: The Beginning of the End

It has been one day since the death of our king, and I am not prepared for what’s coming up next.

His death was not a clean one. There were so many watchers, just chanting and waiting foe the beheading of the man that lead to so many deaths. The man that caused all of this trouble within the people. The man who was the reason that my ribs are broken.

In the middle of one bread riot, the commoners got so out of control that they started pushing people the the floor. Commoners were mad at Josephin and I, so they felt like they needed to push me into a wall, breaking my rib, possibly two. Now I have to work extra hard at making bread; their idea of almost killing a baker wasn’t a smart one.

Ever since the rise of prices for bread, commoners have constantly rioted in the cities of France. People need to be able to live, and without have enough money to buy bread now, how are they suppose to live? Commoners need to realize that the rise of prices in bread cannot simply be changed. There are grains that we must buy, and with bad weather and all, grains cost more money. And my wife and I need to survive in this sad world too.

But I feel like the death of the king will not lead to the world they wanted. People need order, something to look up to. And the king, although hated, was something people can look to to lead their country. I’m not saying that I liked the man, I hated him as much as any other commoner. But it was not the right decision to kill him and start a new government. People do not know what they want, and this Republic idea might ruin France to the ground. I think we should have a new monarch, someone people can look up to and make sure that everyone is equal, the bread prices are stable, and everyone can live.

People are still celebrating in the streets, cheering for the new government, but I think it won’t be so easy. I think the republic will help for a bit, but one people don’t know what to do and problems arises, that’s when everything will fall.

But for now, I am keen on living the simply life with my wife and enjoying my time with some good rhymes. And bake bread for the people as well.



The Struggle is Real; The Cost of a Single Grain

Hello there.

My name is Francis DuPoint and I own a bakery known as DuPoint’s Boulangerie with my wife, Josephine. Our bakery is the home of wonderful bread, baked to perfection. We have friendly neighbors, and out bakery is placed in the center of a nice quite town. Usually life is great, but lately, it’s been constant work. Work. WORK.

And you know what the real problem is these days?! ROYALS! Dear god, I have spent many nights praying to you, wanting better grains, better costumers, a better life. But all you have given me is a constanly-nagging wife, complaining costumers, and a king who constantly raises the prices of everything that we as middle-class people can barely afford already! I AM FRUSTRATED! As a baker, I’m whats keeping people alive! Yeah sure, farmers are the key to food and so on and so forth, but what if these farmers didn’t have us produce the bread? They would just be stuck with fortunes of grains and not be able to use them! I’m sorry, I’ve just been really stressed about the raising of prices and everything. I’m not usually this rude. We as people need to do something. My wife is always telling me how she has conversations with this Reine Audu chick, and how people are talking about doing something. But I think they won’t. They’re scared. Although there was this one person who came to my shop. He seemed wealthy, as he dressed in nice clothing, although he was far too nice to be royal. His name was Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a philosopher. I had a pleasant conversation with him. He said “I think it’s impossible that the great monarchies of Europe can last much longer.” And for some odd reason, that gave me hope. I wasn’t the only one feeling like this. Maybe people are realizing what they need to do. They need to talk to the king. They need to negotiate to a point where we can live in peace.But as always, they do nothing.

And I can’t do that.  I’m just a simple baker, trying to make a living in the complicated world I am in. The price of crops are rising, so the prices of bread must rise as well. I need to make a living, and the fact that people can barely afford my bread is making everything worse. I’ve already seen a few of my regular costumers not come in anymore. I hope the kind realizes what he’s doing and that he himself will come to order. Until then, back to making baguettes.