The Interview; An Endless Abyss

Hello y’all,

what I am going to share today is my interview aspect of my eminent person study. And how I failed miserably.

It all started a few weeks ago, with a much younger, foolish, better-looking Azaly Addam. He thought it would be easy to get a interview. He thought that if he sent some emails, he would easily find someone to interview on his person and life would be good and he could carry on doing the awesome Azaly Addam stuff he usually does. HE WAS WRONG.

back to present, exhausted, still good-looking Azaly Addam, and he can tell you that his interview didn’t work. It was very hard to find an interview on someone who was an expert on John Forbes Nash Jr. I tried my best to send emails to everyone that might know slightly something about him, but I was nowhere successful and those who did email me back saying they couldn’t help didn’t even suggest any contact information. My interview didn’t go as well as it did last year, so I am kinda upset about it, but all I can do know is man up, learn from my mistake, and do better for my up coming interviews.

I think my first mistake with the interviews was not contacting enough people. Even though there is no limit on the amount of people you interview, I could always do better. I emailed a few psychologists from a facility in  Illinois, some psychologists that have written articles on Mr. Nash, and even the author who wrote the book, “A Beautiful Mind”. Unfortunately, nothing worked out and I ended up receiving a few emails (as said before) telling me they did not know enough about my person to help me out. Kinda a let down, but at least they were nice enough to respond back letting me know instead of giving me slight hope.


But because i am a positive person, I will put up the questions I would have asked if I did got an interview.

1. In your opinion, did John Forbes Nash Jr. modernized non-cooperative games theory or did he just contributed enough to get himself a Nobel Prize?

2. Was his sickness noticed before he checked into the hospital? How come was it during his teaching years at MIT where his wife noticed the symptoms? Was it something environmental that triggered the sickness or was it only noticed during these years?

3. Do all math geniuses at the time have similar characteristics as Mr. Nash? Anti-social? Arrogant? Childish? or was this only found in Mr. Nash because of his sickness?

4. In your opinion, what should Mr. Nash be known for? His mathematical genius? His decoding skills? His dark madness?

So unfortunately, that’s how my interview turned out. I tried really hard to get an interview for this project, but it wasn’t enough for me to do it. I really wish I found the time earlier because I fell like this could have turned out differently.

But besides the interview, I must say that my eminent person study turned out quite well, and I enjoyed every step to reaching the end. Until next time we meet,

xoxo, Azaly Addam


Annotated Biblography

Hello there,

this is just my bibliography of my Eminent person, John Nash Jr. I mostly got my information on the internet, because there wasn’t enough time to read the book based on him. I mostly used Wikipedia, but I also used a variety of websites to gather my information.












I must thank all these websites for their helpful information that made my project possible. Without their useful information, this would be an impossible task. They have solid information that everyone can trust and use for future projects.

Everything Must Come to an End; Learning Center


After weeks of constant work on night of the notables, it has finally ended! I don’t know if I am feeling happy or sad that my final year of Eminent person has passed.

But I must say, it was one hell of a night!

Starting from the morning of the day, I was very anxious about how everything was going to play off. I haven’t gotten much sleep the night before, so that wasn’t a great start to the day. And after seeing all the beautiful learning centres coming in, I was nervous that my learning centre wasn’t going to be good enough compared to everyone else. And throughout the day, my heart just kept pumping as the moment for speeches started to draw nearer.

But after school is when things started to get really crazy. There was a mixture of emotions in the air, with the grade nines being excited for their first eminent night, while the grade tens quivered as the night carried on. After setting everything up and getting dinner, eminent was only a few hours away.

Before setting up my learning centre, I had to help out Lyle’s because he wasn’t there for the evening. And I won’t lie, it was harder than it looked. So once I finished his centre, I had to rush to mine and start it before dinner began. Everything was going so crazy that I thoughtI was going to pass out. Fortunately, I did not. I was very productive in the 25 minutes that I had and did everything I needed. I don’t know how it was possible, but I have done the impossible.

Then the highlight of the night came. The speeches.

I was really nervous that everyone’s speech would be better than mine. And I had 100% reason to believe that.

THE SPEECHES WERE AMAZING! My god, I don’t think I have seen such an amazing group of people perform so well on stage. They were so calm, and engaging, and I remembered everyone’s speech very well. The speeches might have been an hour, but it felt timeless to me. My speech was alright though. I kinda wished that I practiced more so I didn’t forget a part of my speech. Thank god I was a crazy person, or my speech could have came out awkward. But in the end, I just yelled and ripped some pages, soI guess my speech will kinda be remembered by those who watched it.

And then there was my learning centre. I must say, it was pretty hard to come up with a learning centre for my person. he was a mathematician, so coming up with a learning centre wasn’t going to be easy. However, one thing my person did was decoding, so what I did was set up a kinda conspiracy thing at my station so show that was a pretty big part to him. It wasn’t as nice as other people’s. but it got the job done.

And that’s all folks! That was my Night of the Notable for Eminent 2014, and I must say I enjoyed every part of it.

Here is the link to my photos (I used Anne’s camera so some of her photos will be there)




Document of learning; The Dreaded Speech

Good day.

Sorry I haven’t gotten the chance to use you lately. I’ve just been super busy recently with all the things I need to do. School, cadets, Talons, Talons, TALONS. But besides that, I think I’m doing pretty well, at least the year and semester is almost over.


But besides the mountain of homework, everything else seems to be running smooth.

What I am going to post here is my rough draft for my eminent speech. It is still a very rough draft for my speech so please don’t tear me down too hard. I just want your opinions on how I am doing and if you liked what I have done. Incase you did not know already, my person is John Nash Jr., who is a famous mathematician but is also known for his severe schizophrenia. He went under several insulin shock therapy (the method back then that they thought was the most effective). So I decided to share my speech from the moments where he receives his very first shock therapy. the reason I chose this moment because of the amount of emotions he must have been going through when this happened. He is a very arrogant individual that thinks he is above everyone else. So I wanted to be selfish for parts of the speech and really put myself above everyone (something I do not usually do). Near the end, my tone started to change because he would have been smart enough to realize what they (the people who are in charge) wanted to hear. He might be mad, but he’s cunning.

So please, have fun reading!



[Nurse] Be ready Mr. Nash, we’ll be coming for you soon. (Leaves stage)

HOW CAN THIS HAPPEN TO ME?! I’M A GENIUS! Have I not contributed my share to the world that we live in? Have I not done my part?!

(Struggles in his straight jacket, chained to the ground)

It is not my fault that they want me! (Struggles more) they’re all out to get me! Those bastards with red ties, trying whatever they can! They’re forming their own government! If only the White house would listen!

(Calms down and relaxes) I just really want to get out of here. I don’t deserve to be in here. I know I see things that I’m not suppose to but does that really make me crazy?

I created a crucial concept in non-cooperative games. I am the one who taught at Princeton University, and at MIT.

Am I not the one who has done groundbreaking work in the area of real algebraic geometry?

Do I not provide a fair contribution to mathematic concepts that still cannot be solved by the world’s greatest mathematicians? (Raises voice near the end)

I am not to blame for this gift. There are many other things we should be worrying about. Martians are planning to invade earth, I’ve communicated with them!

And I demand to be released so I can take my rightful place as emperor of Antarctica, it needs me!

 I’ve helped the government, I am an American! Please, you need to let me go!

[Nurse walks in and starts to unhook me from the chair]

Please nurse, you need to let me go, I’m all better, see? (smiles)

 There is no such thing as Martians; I am not the emperor of Antarctica, there is no one out there to get me. Please nurse, you need to trust me.

[Nurse walks in] Let’s go Professor, it is time. (starts to drag Nash off the stage)

(Raises voice again, angry) They’re just mad I’m better than them! All of you! Just because I’m above you makes you think you can put me away?!


Thanks for reading everyone! And don’t forget!:


SFU; The Place Dreams Come True

On last Thursday we went on a field trip to the burnaby SFU campus. And oh man that was challenging.

It wasn’t challenging to walk around campus or anything, or eating at a all you can eat buffet, (that was most likely my favourite relaxed-cat_o_2224485part) but it was challenging to make sure everything didn’t fall apart. What you didn’t know is that I had to plan the SFU trip because last year I failed to complete a leadership 11 project and I needed to get back on track. It was a challenging trip and I did run into obstacles, but in the end, everything turned out a-okay. So no one died, and I didn’t get sued.

So before the trips, I had a variety of goals for myself. One of the major one, was to have fun. There aren’t a lot of opportunities where I can go to SFU so I had to make the best out of any situation. Another thing I wanted to grow was my friendship with other people. Because there was no retreat, it’s been difficult to become better friends with grade nines, and because they have their own friend groups and everything, it makes life a tad more challenging. But when I had the chance, I would talk to people I don’t usually talk to. When there were grade nines who were walking alone, I would come behind and have some small talk. It isn’t the biggest step into friendship, but every good relationship starts with small steps. But I’ll be honest, I personally wasn’t focused on gathering information about my eminent person. I knew I could find his book at the local library and there were a lot of personal information online, so using my time at SFU researching information didn’t seem like the most important thing.

I used my cellular device to capture my moments at SFU. Because it was so portable and was always with me, it proved to be the key to capturing everything that needed to be captured. There were a lot of different ways to capture experiences, but I think photos present those experiences the best way.

During the trip, we started off by going to a museum. The museum was really interesting, visiting cultural around the world and briefly learning things I have never seen before. After that, we did a solo walk where we would spend a few minutes on our own time, reflecting ourselves and our day. After that, we went for lunch, WHICH WAS WONDERFUL, and after we took a group orientation with Jamie’s wonderful sisters. We ended our day at the library where we needed to find information on out eminent person.

IMG_0664        IMG_0682        IMG_0696        IMG_0683

IMG_0671        IMG_0672        IMG_0681        IMG_0699

IMG_0723        IMG_0727        IMG_0726        IMG_0674


After the long adventurous trip, I really enjoyed my time up at SFU. It was super fun, relaxing, and enjoyable to talk to people I don’t usually talk to. Lunch was a great time to walk around and talk to the grade nines. I even had a arm wrestling competition with one of the grade nines. (Oliver might think he won, but he cheated because I was being a good student and was listening) What I learned on the trip was that I really need to be more open with people. When I was talking to people who I don’t usually talk to, and even people I usually talk to, I don’t share enough about myself. I would hear their stories, and listen, and respond and actually care about what they’re talking about. But what I realized that I didn’t share my story. I wasn’t open about myself or really let people get to know me. What if I just let myself listen to everyone without sharing anything about myself? Then people might see me to be that creep that knows everything but shares nothing. That’s weird.

I think the theme of the trip was uniqueness (if that’s a word). Mr. Jackson spent a lot of time describing the uniqueness of the building, and how it was build by a man who didn’t like people (like me! Just kidding). A lot of institutes are based on conservative styles and are based on traditions, while SFU seems to go out of the norm and goes its own way. And with the TALONS students being unique in their own ways, I think unique was the key word on this trip.

Now that the SFU trip is over, and I do not need to plan the next field trip (hopefully), I am really excited and open-minded to go anywhere. One of the things about TALONS that I enjoy is going to places I wouldn’t go to in my normal life. So being in the program, I am eager to go to places I didn’t know exists and learn new things with new friends and a new mind. Maybe going to a shack in Surrey where a underground library has been for 50 years would suit me just fine.




A Brilliant Mad Man: The Story Behind John Forbes Nash, Jr.

Oh dear. It’s that time of year again. The air is chilly, shorts are put away for sweaters, and the nightmares come back. And not because of Halloween movies.

Night of the Notables is here! Well, about a month away from here but close enough! I remember doing this last year, man those were some interesting memories. Martin Luther King Jr. was an interesting person to be. Doing all my work last minute, thinking I could actually do it. Haha, I can finally say i’ve learned from my mistakes.

What I haven’t learned from last year however was focusing on one person. There were dozens of people I could have chosen from and that’s what made life so difficult. With so many possibilities, it made choosing my person ever more difficult.



So when I was deciding the person I wanted to be this year, I had one goal in my mind: I wanted to be someone who had totally different personalities as me. I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and go for someone who was different and was seen by others as someone, as the term I like to use, “unordinary”. It will be both fun and challenging when trying to portray this person in a manner that can engage audiences while inform them. Another reason I chose to be someone who is “unordinary” because I wanted to show my peers, parents, and those non-believers that eminent people have disabilities to0. That disabilities and their challenges should not be the reason that someone should be considered eminent or not.

So after days of searching, I’ve finally decided to do… John Forbes Nash, Jr.! John_Forbes_Nash,_Jr._by_Peter_Badge

So, who is this guy? An athlete? A film director? A rapper?

No to all the above. John Forbes Nash, Jr. is a famous Nobel prize winning mathematician whose works in game theory, differential geometry, and partial differential equations have provided insight into the factors that govern chance and events inside complex systems in daily life.

So what makes him different than other mathematician? Well, he has a very unfortunate sickness, known as paranoid schizophrenia.Paranoid schizophrenia is a mental sickness that is defined as “a chronic mental illness in which a person loses touch with reality (psychosis).” (Wikipedia) This caused great distress for Mr. Nash as he was trying to live his life. However, although strongly affecting all aspects of his life, this mental sickness did not stop him from doing what he loved, which was math! (Weird right?)

so I’m pretty excited to start my journey into Mr. Nash’s beautiful mind, which I believe is totally different in mind, which is why I chose him. Mr. Nash is a white male, an atheist, who was born to a father who was a electric engineer & a mother who was a school teacher before his parents got married. He went to Carneige Insistue of Technology (now Carneige Mellon University) with a full scholarship. He later accepted a scholarship to Princeton University in Mathematics.

John Nash seems to have a a linear way of thinking, with his mathematics skills. I, on the other hand, am not very good at math and am not a genius. See the resemblance? Neither Can I. That’s why it would be interesting to become this individual with his way of thinking. I do not see many similarities between myself and him, but once I dig deeper into his life, I will find different things about him that I can relate to.

The only major challenge I see with being him is my information. If you don’t know, a movie called A Beautiful Mind, was based on his life. However, the film and his life are very different, so I think it is a big challenge to differ between the two and try not to gather information from the wrong sources.

As my post comes near to an end, I want to share what my goals are for learning throughout the year. The main goal of mine for this year is to step outside my comfort zone when it comes to learning. With opportunities like this, I want to be someone who others wouldn’t see me being, or choosing a topic that others wouldn’t consider doing. I want to be out there with my learning and gain new knowledge of things other people likely won’t know. I want to be different. I want to be different than the norm.

This is the end my dear blog, and I hope that my next visit won’t be a complete disaster.