The Life of a Poor Boy

June 5th, 1947

My dad gave me a notebook for my birthday. It’s really weird because I didn’t want a notebook, but he told me to write everything I felt about and everything I go through in this book. He also told me to write in our language, and not to show anybody. So here it is. Hi! My name is Akecheta and I’m 12 years old! I live with my pa and ma, and my little sister in a small tribal camp not too far from the big cities. I grew up here with my family and friends, and my favourite thing to go is play with animals. My favourite animal is the horse because it’s so big and majestic. I like riding horses. I don’t like cleaning their poo though, it smells really bad. My life is pretty good because I have a good family, a wonderful sister, and I am free to do whatever I please. I really like my life! I wish it could be like this forever!

June 7th, 1947

I’m very tired today. My ma is making me clean the house and make sure all the horses are clean. I don’t know why she’s making me do all of this. All my sister does is relax and play with all her friends. Why do I have to work all day? It’s not fair. I’m really upset by it. I want to go and have fun. I dislike my ma sometimes. I need to be free and live my life. I just want this day to end. But something feels off though. Pa has been acting very strange lately, and hasn’t really been looking at me lately.  We were suppose to go on our walk, but he asked me to go by myself. I wonder what I did wrong.

June 10th, 1947

Days go on by and my pa is keeping his distance. I don’t know what I did wrong though. Did I forget to clean the horses? Or did I say something rude to him? Ma won’t tell me what’s wrong, and every time I walk up to her, I think I see her start to cry. I never like to see my ma cry. What am I doing wrong? I see my ma and pa pray every night now, and they don’t usually pray. My sister seems to be the only one who still loves me. I can always count on her to be my friend.

June 11th, 1947

I’m so cold. And I’m hungry. They all came so fast. I was dragged by my shirt while I was sleeping. It all happened too quickly. I saw my mom screaming while by father was holding her back. Nothing could have prepared me for what’s coming next. I was scared, I was confused, and I was alone. There were other kids like me. Some of them were older, and others younger. They were all as scared as I was. Their light, slowly fading away from them. We’re on a truck going somewhere none of us know. There’s someone coming. I must hide.

June 12th, 1947

I don’t like this place at all. The teachers are mean and rude, and are scary. They treat kids very badly. I see them whipping, and hitting, and hurting young kids. The new kids were screaming and crying for their families. I won’t lie. I was crying too. They washed us with hard brushes and gave us all the same clothing. I have marks on my back from the bushes and I feel uncomfortable. I don’t like my clothes, they’re itchy. I want my on stuff back. But I won’t say anything. Before I spoke my language and one of the nuns smacked me with a stick. I didn’t know why she had to hit me. She hit me again and told me to never speak my language again. I don’t talk anymore. I’m too scared. I don’t want to get hit again.

June 19th, 1947

It’s been 7 days since I’ve last written. A boy who had a notebook like me was caught writing when a priest walk by him last night. He dragged by the boy by his hair. He was screaming so loud that everyone woke up. He was apologizing and said he wouldn’t do it again. But that didn’t stop the priest. He was dragged away and I haven’t seem him since. I have only been here for only 10 days. And I feel absolutely alone. The kids here are losing their lights as quickly as I am. The nuns and priests bring nothing but evil to our souls. I can’t be here anymore. I am too sad to do anything. Every night I lie in my bed for hours, thinking about my family at home. Wondering how they’re doing. I miss them everyday.  I wish I was home.

June 21st, 1947

I can’t do it anymore. I was walking through a field with a bunch of other boys when I saw her. My sister was walking through the field with nuns dragging her by her arm. I screamed for her! I called her name, screaming to the top of my lungs. But before I could say anything else, I was hit from behind with a ruler. I fell right to the ground. I blacked out for a second. It was straight to the head. All I could hear was my sister screaming after me. When I finally found the power to open my eyes, she was gone, dragged to a another part of the school. My school mates helped me up. My heart stopped as I realized what they do to little girls like my sister. She won’t ever be the same. They are going to abuse her. They’re going to take her life away.

June 22nd, 1947

I found the rope in the back of the farm. It was a little moldy, but it will do the job. After being in here for so long, Ive realized that I’m not strong enough to do this. My ma and pa aren’t coming for me. My sister will never be the same. I can no longer help her. I’m too weak to do this. I wish nothing but the best for everyone else who’s stronger than me. All the best to those who make it through. Stay strong and do what I couldn’t. Don’t lose your light like I did.

A Justice World?

Good day.

Unfortunately talking about politics sometimes upsets me. The reason for this is because it upsets me how few people know about politics. Canadian citizens have the right to vote, and are the deciding the future success of this country. However, Canadians are not all voting, and its safe to say not all Canadians have an in-depth understanding of the parties and what they are representing. I am thankful to being in a class that has so many discussions about these kinds of topics so I can know my stuff and make inform decisions. Socials has been a roller coaster of information. From being to pre-confederation Canada, to having discussions on our modern federal parties, there is no way to tell how a socials class will end. The second half of socials however, has really stuck with me. Politics is something I’ve always been curious about, and my knowledge on the topic was very basic. I knew the parties, the leaders, and what their goal was. But being in this socials class, I’ve learned so much more, from how the system of government has changed over time, to finding the values of the political parties. With the election drawing near, I can understand why there has been so many ads about the parties, and why every single party is trying to win those last minute votes.

I honestly can’t see how the election turns out. My father and I always have discussions about who is most likely to win. But this year, it’s challenging to chose a winner. The NDP is starting to become popular, recently gaining more seat in Alberta, which was thought to be a Conservative province. I think it’s going to be a close election with a surprising turnout.

But back to socials, there is a lot of things about politics I feel strong about. It’s difficult to chose one political narrative, but the narrative I feel speaks to me most is the identity of Canada. Any party leader can make new taxes, create jobs, and provide for families; however, not every leader can create a quality identity. Throughout history, Canadians have proved themselves to be a strong, hardworking, and independent nation to the rest of the world, and I want a party who will keep this image of Canada the same or even better. And the party I think will best present this narrative is the Liberal Party of Canada.

The reason I chose the Liberal party is because of my values. I would classify myself more of a left wing person, and believe in common ideas such as equality, fairness, and justice. Perhaps its from the influences of my father, or maybe the way I was born, but something about a fair world speaks to me. After doing many research about the parties, I discovered that the Liberals are the best party to represent my thoughts and ideas. I respect their past leaders, especially Pierre Trudeau for the contributions he has made to this country. Imagine a world without the Human Charter of Right. How would you like to live in a country like that? I believe that Justin Trudeau will carry on his father’s legacy and create a more equal Canada. Although it might not be what I want to see exactly, I have faith that he will do his job well. The Liberal party has been known to be a left-winged party (hence the liberal part) and I support them for building a more friendly nation.

That’s not to say that I will be a Liberal for the rest of my life. Mostly based on the history of the party, Liberals really spoke to me. But parties might change, and prove themselves to have better intentions. The NDP is still a new party, and could have values that will attract to me in 10 years. Politics change, and so does prospective and opinions. Although Liberals are representing me now, only time will tell what I grow up to be. Again, I’m only a teenage boy in distress.

The Interactions between Europeans and Aboriginals: An Endless Story

Hello all,

this is the time of year when everyone is going a tad bit crazy before the summer hits. People are getting busier, stressful, and making problems out of things that aren’t worth making problems about. I guess it’s just the constant pressure that rests on our shoulders. There are so many distressed people around this time of year, and I have one tip: relax. Go hang out with friends, watch a movie, and go live life. I got this inspiration from Amira’s blog post and what she said really hit me. I totally agree with her 100%. Academics are really important don’t get me wrong, but I think having fun once in awhile and treating yourself is equally as important. Talk to those people you haven’t seen in over a month. Go do something you’ve been wanting to do. Don’t stress about the little things.

So back on topic, over the course of this semester, I have learned a variety of things that have contributed to the Confederation of Canada. And when I was a little kid, I was taught about aboriginals and what they were about. In elementary school, we did group projects on specific aboriginal groups and we had to give presentations about their way of living, what they ate and how they were as a tribe. I have heard countless stories and ravens and animals that has taught me so many life lessons. In grade 10, with endless discussions and readings, there are so many things to learn and still learn about. To start off, I know this situation is extremely complicated. I have a basic understanding of this topic before this course started. Through my middle school years, I was briefly taught about residential schools and the impacts it had made on the lives of aboriginals. Ever since I was informed about residential schools, I have always had a sick feeling inside me. It makes me uncomfortable to know that so many people have been abused for their heritage. I knew that things like this has happened throughout history, and with so many different kinds of people. When I was younger, I thought it was the Europeans’ fault and that they were bad people and they caused this mess. However, as I grow older, I have gained something extremely important: prospective. Now that I see from more than one side, I see that it wasn’t really the Europeans’ fault. I’m not saying what they did was a good thing in any way means, but to look at a side and understand what their purpose was is very different than saying you are on their side. It still makes me feel sick and uncomfortable to think of the things those kids went through, but I believe that the European settlers had the right intentions. The rest of my knowledge on this topic is very vague. I know about the Indian treaties and how the natives helped the British in specific wars, but I never really got super in-depth into these topics.

There are so many things I want to know more about in this PLO. Like I said before, the interactions between aboriginals and Europeans is a complicated story, so the more I know, the more I can understand it. I really want to focus on the peace Treaties and what they do for natives. Going more in-depth into these topics will really help me understand what they do for natives and what should be changed to further benefit them. I am also really interested in learning more about Residential schools. I know this is a very grey area and it makes  a lot of people uncomfortable including myself, but more information could help me improve on my prospective in which would help me with every day life. Improving my prospective will help me see things differently, being global news, or me fighting with a friend. Overall, I just want to see things from a different point of view in all these situations. If there is one side people are always looking at, I want to see from the other side. I want to be able to say, “Well this is the reason they did this or that”. I want to have a more open mind to situations. And learning about the interactions between Aboriginals and Europeans will help me with that.

There are a variety of questions I still have:

-Do similar school systems like this still exist today?

-Who determined the workers in the schools? (priests, nuns, doctors)

-Do native families ever try to run away to get far from residential schools?

-Has there ever been an attempt to break out kids from a residential school from the outside?

There are other PLO’s that would be covered as well from learning PLO B2. Section A1, A2, A3, and C4. Section A1-3 will definitely be used because it requires  critical thinking and critical thinking is needed to see a situation from all prospective. I also think c4 is talked about since it is important to know about the government’s role in this situation and how they contributed to Residential schools and Peace treaties.

Over this semester, I hope that I learn to see things from different prospective clearly, and I think this will be my main goal for me for the rest of the year. As we continue to learn more about the interactions between Europeans and Aboriginals, I hope to gain more knowledge, a better understanding, and a wiser mind.

In-Depth Blog Post #8: This is the End

Good evening all.

I hope you are all doing very well, because I can honestly say that I haven’t been. School has been very stressful these past couple of weeks, and with by busy life starting to get busier, I am struggling to keep up with all of it. Cadets is starting to become a big part of me since so my positions are moving around and I am being put in more leadership roles, which kinda frightens me. School is starting to pile up as summer comes near. The adventure trip is almost two weeks away from happening, and In-depth night is less than a month away! All of it is moving quite fast. However, this is the life I’ve chose and I do these things because I want to, so I am excited to see how I do by the end of the year and see how I end up.

On a more lighter note, In-depth is coming near! I feel like just yesterday I was telling myself. “Oh in-depth is so far away, I don’t need to worry about it right now’, or “There is so much time before in-depth! The possibilities are endless!”. Well the possibilities are not endless. They are quite limited actually. I have very little time to work on In-depth, and although I have a pretty solid idea of what I will be doing, I still have time to change a few minor things. And none of this would be possible without my mentor. He has helped me so much throughout the year as he helped me grow into the fitter person I am now. I set goals for myself such as making it into the parachuting course and being able to run a mile under 6 minutes. With the help of CrossFit, I have been able to meet all my goals and beyond, still surprising myself after doing CrossFit for a couple of months. I have become stronger, faster, and an overall healthier person because of CrossFit. Not only have I seen the improvements in myself, but the other people I have done CrossFit with. CrossFit is an amazing activity that I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to be healthier both physically and mentally.

My mentor and I have had countless conversations with each other. From sports to fitness, it became really easy to talk to my mentor and have a pleasant conversation with him. However, there ha been times where interruptions has happened in our conversations.  Interruptions mostly can be seen as being rude and obnoxious, but when my mentor interrupts me, it is to correct me an to fix my mistakes so I won’t make the same mistake again. For example, I was talking about my parachuting course and I was saying somethings about what I would have to do. Luckily, my mentor has had experienced with parachuting before, so he is quite knowledgable in the subject. I told him about something I need to do when I leave the plane, and he interrupted me saying that I am doing something wrong and he showed me what I was suppose to do. This interruption was justified because is keeping my safety in mind and helped me correct myself before I made the mistake. Interruptions can be helpful and well needed in some situations.

While I talk to my mentor, there are different attitudes that I experience throughout the conversations. These attitudes often change, but there has not been a time where I have had an attitude in which I am arrogant, bored, or eager to triumph my mentor. I was always eager to learn and kept an open mind. In the beginning, I had the explorer attitude and was just super keen on learning more about CrossFit. I asked so many questions about CrossFit and kept gathering information. I was focused on expanding my knowledge about CrossFit and wanted to learn about everything. Later on in the year, I had this one conversation in which I had a learner attitude when I was still trying to get to know my mentor better. I wasn’t too focused on exploring thoughts and ideas, but wanted to learn about his personal life and what he is about. A situations changed, my attitude did as well.

Well this is the end. I can’t wait to show you all what I have accomplished in a month. This has been an awesome year and I have grown in so many ways. To end things off, here is a super amusing comic.


That’s all folks!

Back from the Grave; Social Studies Midterm!

Hello all,

I hope you are doing quite fabulous. I am about to post the link to my social studies midterm assignment which happens to be a Prezi presentation.

Over the semester, I can honestly say that I’ve learned a lot of things that I didn’t know before. Thanks to the role playing, I once again took on the challenge of becoming a different person and taking on their prospective on the formation of Canada. I have always enjoyed role playing and can say socials has been quite interesting this year. Both confederation and current event discussions has got me involved in stating my opinions on situations. My one goal for the rest of the semester is to become more involved in classroom discussions and share my opinions on subjects.

Here is the link to my Prezi:

Do enjoy!

-Azaly Addam


The Start of a New Beginning: the Conferderation of Canada

It has been over 50 years since I lost my life to the Americans. The words I say are limited as it has been awhile since I’ve seen the world we live in now. But as a lost soul, I still have dreams. I still have wishes. And I still have regrets.

I have mixed feelings about the confederation of Canada. I have seen the dark sides of the British, and I feel deep down that they have a plan, just like how they have a plan for everything else. They just want Canadians to feel unified, but in the end, they will get everything they wanted. I do believe in peace, and I want nothing more than freedom and independence for my people, but this isn’t the way it should be done. So many people of my kind has lost their lives to the constant battles that have happened on these lands.

But then again, I am nothing more than a spirit who lost his body half a century ago. The faith of Canada rests in the hands of others, and I hope they are the right hands. I have seen so much corruption within the American and British empire, and I wish nothing more than to see a different Canada. A stronger, wiser, peaceful Canada. I guess there is no more time for war, and that this is the time of peace.

My only words to the aboriginals is to stay strong. Fight for what your believe in. Do not let the new world destroy what we have worked years for. Do not be abused by the oppression of white people and for god’s sake do not stand down. You might not all be warriors, but you all have hearts. I can’t say that I am hopeful for the future and that everything will be fine, but I do see things changing, and change is good when everything is going so bad. Be part of a change you are proud to see.

My time is coming to a near end, and I wish the future country of Canada the best. For my entire life, I have been remembered for being a vicious war animal, but now, all I want to be remembered for is for being someone who fought for what he believed in. I want to be remembered for the contributions I made to the war of 1812, and for taking over Fort Detroit. I want to be remembered for fighting for a force that has forgotten about me and left me to rot. I want to be remembered for being a true hero, and for standing for what matters to me. All the best to you Canada, and remember my wise words as you grow to become the best country the world has ever seen.


The Start of a Horrible Beginning: The Prospective of a Lost Soul

How could they do this to me? They took everything away from me. They left me to rot, die, and be forgotten. This should not happen to me. They promised me freedom, peace, and unity. AND THEY LEFT ME TO DIE! THEY LEFT ME TO ROT AND DECIDED TO LEAVE ME TO PERISH. I didn’t think this would happen when you try to stand with British. I did everything to make my people happy. I did everything to create a land where they could live without war. But in a matter of years, I have been forgotten by the people I stood with.

I lost my life in the field of war. After being kidnapped, the Americans took my life away. I thought I would be at least remembered for the contributions I have made to the formation of Canada. But I wasn’t. The British left me to be forgotten for the things I’ve done. I did whatever I needed to do to defeat the Americans. But now I know who the real enemy is.

I hear that there is talk among the colonies of Canada, and how they want to create a united country. They want to branch of the British, but still keep some ties. I have to disagree with that idea. The British Empire is full of trickery, and always have a plan up their sleeves. They only do things that benefits themselves as they do not care about the welfare of others. The British Empire is bringing corruption to these once peaceful lands and has brought nothing but death. THE BRITISH ARE THE DEATH OF MY PEOPLE. Canada needs to fight the British to be able to become independent. The native groups of Canada must come together and drive the British force out of our lands. There seems to be no other way. We cannot trust the British any longer and the Americans are just bad people. A unity of aboriginals seem to be the only way out of the hole we have dug ourselves in. Even though I am no longer alive and there is nothing left except the wisdom of my past, I wish nothing more than to see the British Empire fall. May they all burn.


In-Depth Post #6: On Our Way

Good day.

Wow, spring break has passed so quickly. I thought two weeks would have lasted longer but it seemed to pass within a blink of an eye. Which kinda upsets me. I wish I took more time to relax with the time I had before the crazy months of April-May-June start. One week has passed already, but I swear it felt like a month. My final months of TALONS are coming, and all I can do now is push through everything and hope for the best. And hopefully survive.

Anyways, my In-Depth is really coming along! After spring break, I thought it would be a good idea to rest for a few days and skip Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after going through such vigorous training for cadets. But on Thursday, I went back after a week and felt better than I ever did! I felt stronger, well rested, and ready to take on new challenges. I have started to gather some ideas for my In-Depth night learning centre as the date comes closer and closer. My best idea so far includes creating my own personal “circuit” for CrossFit that people can easily tryout and have a feel about what CrossFit really is. Of course it won’t be nearly as intense as a real CrossFit workout would be, but just a glimpse of what to expect. I feel really strong behind my idea and am excited to see how it turns out!

Referring to DeBono, CrossFit’s my concept is fitness. CrossFit’s main goal is to create ultimate athletes and the practical idea for fitness is a variety of workouts. Through these workouts, you are creating a fitter, stronger, and healthier person both physically and mentally; however, there are more specific concepts that will help you focus on more specific practical ideas. For example, if the concept was strength, your practical ideas would focus more on strength such as olympic weight lifting. If your concept was cardio, you would work on interval training to get a higher cardio rate. My mentor and I had a conversation, and he said, “today we will be doing a lot of sprints and running. Not a lot of upper body will be done.” Reading Mulder’s post earlier, I asked, “Is the concept for today’s workout higher endurance?” And he responded with a yes, and that was our goal for that day’s workout.

As for alternatives, CrossFit is all about alternatives. When you are not able to do a certain workout or the maximum weight of another, you adjust so it fits for you. For example, if you are suppose to do 30 squats, but you hurt your back earlier in the week, you would do a different workout that would try to focus on the muscles that you would work while doing squats but in a way that wouldn’t be hurtful to your back. My mentor and more experienced CrossFitters have all offered me alternatives. One time when we were suppose to do pull-ups, I couldn’t do all of them because my body wasn’t strong enough for it. So I used a band, (a rubberband but larger) to put on my knees and help me bring myself up when doing pull-ups. Alternatives like these help me reach my main goal of becoming fitter, but in a way that is more suitable for my level of fitness. As DeBono states, “The main point is that having a way of doing something does not mean it is the best way of doing it” (p. 125). And that is especially true with CrossFit as so many people are different and unique.

These next months are going to be stressful. I need to balance my life of school, CrossFit, rugby, cadets, paratrooper training, and the adventure trip. It will be hard, and I’ll probably cry once or twice, but I’m pretty excited to see what I can do. Thank you again for reading and until next time!

-Azaly Addam

1840: The Struggle of a Native King

My words will be short, as war does not allow people to share stories. This has been going for too long. Too much blood has been shed, many great men, gone. The sight of war is not pretty. I am furious what the Americans have caused the great people of the land. Americans have caused our once great land to fall to ashes. We were once strong, free, and an independent land of colonies, but now we face danger, fear, and death.

I have joined forces with the British to take down the army that has caused so much pain to my people. The British has promised us unity, peace, and harmony. I never take full trust into people, but the British is the only way we can win this war. I am putting all my faith into them. They are the only empire that I trust at the moment, and with all the things they are going to fix after, I see no harm in joining forces.

I want to vanquish the people of the South! People of the north and native colonies have joined together to become one, and take on the armies coming from the America. We have attacked many American posts and areas and we have been winning the war. The most successful capture was the capture of fort Detroit. It seems that we are winning this war. There has been times where the british and my colonies have retreated, but we will stand strong. We will become one. We will win this war!


In-Depth Post #5: I’m Not Cocky, I swear!

Good evening.

FINALLY IT’S SPRING BREAK! After many weeks of intense work and busy schedules, I am excited to finally rest for a couple of weeks before the hectic April-May-June months come. However, I feel that my spring break might not be a break but more of a preparation for the second week of Spring Break. On March 14th, I am leaving for Vernon for one week to do by pre-parachuting course and see if I can make it and get my basic parachuting wings! I have about a week left before the intense course happens, so the first week of the break will mostly consists of preparing myself physically and mentally. I’m excited for sure, but definitely more nervous and anxious than I was a month ago. The intensity level is high, and I am competing with 15 other cadets to make it to the top 5. Hopefully I do really well on the course.

Now onto In-Depth. About a month of In-depth has passed already, and In-Depth night is coming soon. I still have no idea what I want to do for the night yet since the possibilities are endless. My first idea is that I could make a presentation about CrossFit workouts and how I have improved over the months. Another idea I have is to create a miniature obstacle course for parents or teenagers that are coming so I can show what to expect when doing CrossFit. The possibilities are endless, and I am excited to see what I will come up with.

CrossFit continues to go smoothly for me. I am managing to balance my busy life with school and cadets, and I see myself improving every time I do a workout. My chin-ups count has almost doubled since I have started CrossFit! I use to do 8, but now I can easily accomplish 12 or 13! The workouts are still hard to do, but I see myself pushing myself to limits I haven’t seen before. I am constantly outside my comfort zone which is excellent since life isn’t all about being safe and comfortable. During CrossFit, I see myself wearing a variety of hats often. I don’t stick with one side, as I feel that you are not gaining prospective by using one “hat”. In the conversation with my mentor, I saw myself wearing mostly the white and black hat.

My conversation with my mentor:

Me: What is the ideal amount of push-ups I should be doing for my age?

Mentor: Well someone with your body and size should easily be doing 20-25 proper formed push-ups.

Me: Is there a certain type of push-up I should be focusing on?

Mentor: Different types of push-ups work on different types of muscles. It all depends on what you are trying to improve. Tricep push-ups are really good for your arms, while wider push-ups focuses on pectorals and shoulders.

Me: Since I can easily preform 30 tricep push-ups, would it be safe for me to preform hand-stand push-ups since you have seen my abilities?

Mentor: If we work on your form and take it slowly, I can see you doing hand-stand push-ups in no time.

Me: Will this help me prepare myself for my parachuting course?

Mentor: It will help you with your balance and your core.

As you can see in my conversation, I used my white hat often to ask for solid information about push-ups in the beginning and for hard facts about what I should do. Later on, I used my black hat and to think critically, by asking if I have the ability to do a certain type of workout, and how this will help me.

I hope all goes well these next two weeks, and I am excited to share how everything goes!