The Start of a New Beginning: the Conferderation of Canada

It has been over 50 years since I lost my life to the Americans. The words I say are limited as it has been awhile since I’ve seen the world we live in now. But as a lost soul, I still have dreams. I still have wishes. And I still have regrets.

I have mixed feelings about the confederation of Canada. I have seen the dark sides of the British, and I feel deep down that they have a plan, just like how they have a plan for everything else. They just want Canadians to feel unified, but in the end, they will get everything they wanted. I do believe in peace, and I want nothing more than freedom and independence for my people, but this isn’t the way it should be done. So many people of my kind has lost their lives to the constant battles that have happened on these lands.

But then again, I am nothing more than a spirit who lost his body half a century ago. The faith of Canada rests in the hands of others, and I hope they are the right hands. I have seen so much corruption within the American and British empire, and I wish nothing more than to see a different Canada. A stronger, wiser, peaceful Canada. I guess there is no more time for war, and that this is the time of peace.

My only words to the aboriginals is to stay strong. Fight for what your believe in. Do not let the new world destroy what we have worked years for. Do not be abused by the oppression of white people and for god’s sake do not stand down. You might not all be warriors, but you all have hearts. I can’t say that I am hopeful for the future and that everything will be fine, but I do see things changing, and change is good when everything is going so bad. Be part of a change you are proud to see.

My time is coming to a near end, and I wish the future country of Canada the best. For my entire life, I have been remembered for being a vicious war animal, but now, all I want to be remembered for is for being someone who fought for what he believed in. I want to be remembered for the contributions I made to the war of 1812, and for taking over Fort Detroit. I want to be remembered for fighting for a force that has forgotten about me and left me to rot. I want to be remembered for being a true hero, and for standing for what matters to me. All the best to you Canada, and remember my wise words as you grow to become the best country the world has ever seen.


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