The Start of a Horrible Beginning: The Prospective of a Lost Soul

How could they do this to me? They took everything away from me. They left me to rot, die, and be forgotten. This should not happen to me. They promised me freedom, peace, and unity. AND THEY LEFT ME TO DIE! THEY LEFT ME TO ROT AND DECIDED TO LEAVE ME TO PERISH. I didn’t think this would happen when you try to stand with British. I did everything to make my people happy. I did everything to create a land where they could live without war. But in a matter of years, I have been forgotten by the people I stood with.

I lost my life in the field of war. After being kidnapped, the Americans took my life away. I thought I would be at least remembered for the contributions I have made to the formation of Canada. But I wasn’t. The British left me to be forgotten for the things I’ve done. I did whatever I needed to do to defeat the Americans. But now I know who the real enemy is.

I hear that there is talk among the colonies of Canada, and how they want to create a united country. They want to branch of the British, but still keep some ties. I have to disagree with that idea. The British Empire is full of trickery, and always have a plan up their sleeves. They only do things that benefits themselves as they do not care about the welfare of others. The British Empire is bringing corruption to these once peaceful lands and has brought nothing but death. THE BRITISH ARE THE DEATH OF MY PEOPLE. Canada needs to fight the British to be able to become independent. The native groups of Canada must come together and drive the British force out of our lands. There seems to be no other way. We cannot trust the British any longer and the Americans are just bad people. A unity of aboriginals seem to be the only way out of the hole we have dug ourselves in. Even though I am no longer alive and there is nothing left except the wisdom of my past, I wish nothing more than to see the British Empire fall. May they all burn.


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