In-Depth Post #6: On Our Way

Good day.

Wow, spring break has passed so quickly. I thought two weeks would have lasted longer but it seemed to pass within a blink of an eye. Which kinda upsets me. I wish I took more time to relax with the time I had before the crazy months of April-May-June start. One week has passed already, but I swear it felt like a month. My final months of TALONS are coming, and all I can do now is push through everything and hope for the best. And hopefully survive.

Anyways, my In-Depth is really coming along! After spring break, I thought it would be a good idea to rest for a few days and skip Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday after going through such vigorous training for cadets. But on Thursday, I went back after a week and felt better than I ever did! I felt stronger, well rested, and ready to take on new challenges. I have started to gather some ideas for my In-Depth night learning centre as the date comes closer and closer. My best idea so far includes creating my own personal “circuit” for CrossFit that people can easily tryout and have a feel about what CrossFit really is. Of course it won’t be nearly as intense as a real CrossFit workout would be, but just a glimpse of what to expect. I feel really strong behind my idea and am excited to see how it turns out!

Referring to DeBono, CrossFit’s my concept is fitness. CrossFit’s main goal is to create ultimate athletes and the practical idea for fitness is a variety of workouts. Through these workouts, you are creating a fitter, stronger, and healthier person both physically and mentally; however, there are more specific concepts that will help you focus on more specific practical ideas. For example, if the concept was strength, your practical ideas would focus more on strength such as olympic weight lifting. If your concept was cardio, you would work on interval training to get a higher cardio rate. My mentor and I had a conversation, and he said, “today we will be doing a lot of sprints and running. Not a lot of upper body will be done.” Reading Mulder’s post earlier, I asked, “Is the concept for today’s workout higher endurance?” And he responded with a yes, and that was our goal for that day’s workout.

As for alternatives, CrossFit is all about alternatives. When you are not able to do a certain workout or the maximum weight of another, you adjust so it fits for you. For example, if you are suppose to do 30 squats, but you hurt your back earlier in the week, you would do a different workout that would try to focus on the muscles that you would work while doing squats but in a way that wouldn’t be hurtful to your back. My mentor and more experienced CrossFitters have all offered me alternatives. One time when we were suppose to do pull-ups, I couldn’t do all of them because my body wasn’t strong enough for it. So I used a band, (a rubberband but larger) to put on my knees and help me bring myself up when doing pull-ups. Alternatives like these help me reach my main goal of becoming fitter, but in a way that is more suitable for my level of fitness. As DeBono states, “The main point is that having a way of doing something does not mean it is the best way of doing it” (p. 125). And that is especially true with CrossFit as so many people are different and unique.

These next months are going to be stressful. I need to balance my life of school, CrossFit, rugby, cadets, paratrooper training, and the adventure trip. It will be hard, and I’ll probably cry once or twice, but I’m pretty excited to see what I can do. Thank you again for reading and until next time!

-Azaly Addam

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