1840: The Struggle of a Native King

My words will be short, as war does not allow people to share stories. This has been going for too long. Too much blood has been shed, many great men, gone. The sight of war is not pretty. I am furious what the Americans have caused the great people of the land. Americans have caused our once great land to fall to ashes. We were once strong, free, and an independent land of colonies, but now we face danger, fear, and death.

I have joined forces with the British to take down the army that has caused so much pain to my people. The British has promised us unity, peace, and harmony. I never take full trust into people, but the British is the only way we can win this war. I am putting all my faith into them. They are the only empire that I trust at the moment, and with all the things they are going to fix after, I see no harm in joining forces.

I want to vanquish the people of the South! People of the north and native colonies have joined together to become one, and take on the armies coming from the America. We have attacked many American posts and areas and we have been winning the war. The most successful capture was the capture of fort Detroit. It seems that we are winning this war. There has been times where the british and my colonies have retreated, but we will stand strong. We will become one. We will win this war!


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