In-Depth Post #5: I’m Not Cocky, I swear!

Good evening.

FINALLY IT’S SPRING BREAK! After many weeks of intense work and busy schedules, I am excited to finally rest for a couple of weeks before the hectic April-May-June months come. However, I feel that my spring break might not be a break but more of a preparation for the second week of Spring Break. On March 14th, I am leaving for Vernon for one week to do by pre-parachuting course and see if I can make it and get my basic parachuting wings! I have about a week left before the intense course happens, so the first week of the break will mostly consists of preparing myself physically and mentally. I’m excited for sure, but definitely more nervous and anxious than I was a month ago. The intensity level is high, and I am competing with 15 other cadets to make it to the top 5. Hopefully I do really well on the course.

Now onto In-Depth. About a month of In-depth has passed already, and In-Depth night is coming soon. I still have no idea what I want to do for the night yet since the possibilities are endless. My first idea is that I could make a presentation about CrossFit workouts and how I have improved over the months. Another idea I have is to create a miniature obstacle course for parents or teenagers that are coming so I can show what to expect when doing CrossFit. The possibilities are endless, and I am excited to see what I will come up with.

CrossFit continues to go smoothly for me. I am managing to balance my busy life with school and cadets, and I see myself improving every time I do a workout. My chin-ups count has almost doubled since I have started CrossFit! I use to do 8, but now I can easily accomplish 12 or 13! The workouts are still hard to do, but I see myself pushing myself to limits I haven’t seen before. I am constantly outside my comfort zone which is excellent since life isn’t all about being safe and comfortable. During CrossFit, I see myself wearing a variety of hats often. I don’t stick with one side, as I feel that you are not gaining prospective by using one “hat”. In the conversation with my mentor, I saw myself wearing mostly the white and black hat.

My conversation with my mentor:

Me: What is the ideal amount of push-ups I should be doing for my age?

Mentor: Well someone with your body and size should easily be doing 20-25 proper formed push-ups.

Me: Is there a certain type of push-up I should be focusing on?

Mentor: Different types of push-ups work on different types of muscles. It all depends on what you are trying to improve. Tricep push-ups are really good for your arms, while wider push-ups focuses on pectorals and shoulders.

Me: Since I can easily preform 30 tricep push-ups, would it be safe for me to preform hand-stand push-ups since you have seen my abilities?

Mentor: If we work on your form and take it slowly, I can see you doing hand-stand push-ups in no time.

Me: Will this help me prepare myself for my parachuting course?

Mentor: It will help you with your balance and your core.

As you can see in my conversation, I used my white hat often to ask for solid information about push-ups in the beginning and for hard facts about what I should do. Later on, I used my black hat and to think critically, by asking if I have the ability to do a certain type of workout, and how this will help me.

I hope all goes well these next two weeks, and I am excited to share how everything goes!


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  1. All the best with your parachuting course in Vernon. You have prepped as well as you can at this point. Enjoy the moment!

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