In-Depth Post #4: Over doing it?

Hello all,

a few more weeks have passed, and I can genuinely say that I am tired. With the adventure trip starting up and new courses coming into play, my life has been far from easy lately. I guess it is partly because I am not use to everything yet and still am adjusting, but sometimes I ask myself a common question: am I over doing everything? To add onto my CrossFit life, I have PE in my fourth block and Rugby after school on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. To finalize everything, a lot of higher ranked cadets in my cadet core are leaving, so lower ranked cadets (including myself) are being moved to bigger positions with more responsibilities. I’m excited to take on a bigger leadership role in cadets. However, with me tiring myself out with all this fitness and the ongoing stress of homework, will I survive at the end? Or am I digging myself a hole?

Honestly though, when I try really hard, I know I can manage all these activities. I have never experienced anything so stressful in my life, but once I get through it, I can do anything. I just can’t wait to see myself in the end of everything.

Besides my sore body, CrossFit has continue to go well. I am seeing myself improve exceptionally in both my mental and physical state. I am concentrating and paying better attention in class, as well as been steadily growing stronger. I am definitely seeing the benefits of CrossFit. I’m glad that I chose it as my In-Depth project. I am constantly learning new techniques in the world of CrossFit. For example, just last week I learned how to do a power jerk, which really works out your arms and back. The main focus was technique for me, which I am still trying to master. I can’t do as many pounds as I want, but overtime I will gradually increase the amount of weights I can lift. My mentor has been very supportive of me through the past couple of weeks. Since I got my wisdom teeth removed, he has been helping me get back on my feet and into the routine I was in before.

Since my mentor is the professional, I always give my full attention and listen to Rob without any hesitation. Although he values different ideas than me, like how he thinks CrossFit should be left to the elites while I think everybody should be introduced to CrossFit to some extent, I can always see his prospective and agree from where he’s coming from. I am constantly learning new information from the world of fitness when I listen to him, and I constantly ask him questions to further my understanding. i ask questions like, “do you believe body building is healthier than CrossFit?” or “is a certain part of your body more likely to get injured when doing this type of workout?”. These are all questions that help me understand.

Evermore, he has great answers to the questions I ask. Even though I might ask a little too many questions, I hope he sees it as me trying to improve myself. I ask a variety of questions. For example, I might ask, “What is a healthy body mass for my height and age?” or “Should I feel pain in a certain muscle group after doing a certain workout?”. I ask these questions to clarify any questions I had wondering around in my head. Additionally, when I need help with a certain workout, he demonstrates it slowly and properly, and does it with me to make sure I understand. I don’t ask many multiple choice questions however, since I feel like I would get better answers from being specific and focusing on one question.

Thank you for reading! Come again!

2 thoughts on “In-Depth Post #4: Over doing it?

  1. It is important to reflect and see what you are doing and if you need to change anything. It sounds like CrossFit, cadets and rugby are a good fit right now. They are mutually supportive! Your tagline “Just an ordinary teenage boy, trying to live a peaceful adult life, in a not-so-simple kid world” says it all!

    You are experiencing what it is like to balance a busy but great life.

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