The Interview; An Endless Abyss

Hello y’all,

what I am going to share today is my interview aspect of my eminent person study. And how I failed miserably.

It all started a few weeks ago, with a much younger, foolish, better-looking Azaly Addam. He thought it would be easy to get a interview. He thought that if he sent some emails, he would easily find someone to interview on his person and life would be good and he could carry on doing the awesome Azaly Addam stuff he usually does. HE WAS WRONG.

back to present, exhausted, still good-looking Azaly Addam, and he can tell you that his interview didn’t work. It was very hard to find an interview on someone who was an expert on John Forbes Nash Jr. I tried my best to send emails to everyone that might know slightly something about him, but I was nowhere successful and those who did email me back saying they couldn’t help didn’t even suggest any contact information. My interview didn’t go as well as it did last year, so I am kinda upset about it, but all I can do know is man up, learn from my mistake, and do better for my up coming interviews.

I think my first mistake with the interviews was not contacting enough people. Even though there is no limit on the amount of people you interview, I could always do better. I emailed a few psychologists from a facility in ┬áIllinois, some psychologists that have written articles on Mr. Nash, and even the author who wrote the book, “A Beautiful Mind”. Unfortunately, nothing worked out and I ended up receiving a few emails (as said before) telling me they did not know enough about my person to help me out. Kinda a let down, but at least they were nice enough to respond back letting me know instead of giving me slight hope.


But because i am a positive person, I will put up the questions I would have asked if I did got an interview.

1. In your opinion, did John Forbes Nash Jr. modernized non-cooperative games theory or did he just contributed enough to get himself a Nobel Prize?

2. Was his sickness noticed before he checked into the hospital? How come was it during his teaching years at MIT where his wife noticed the symptoms? Was it something environmental that triggered the sickness or was it only noticed during these years?

3. Do all math geniuses at the time have similar characteristics as Mr. Nash? Anti-social? Arrogant? Childish? or was this only found in Mr. Nash because of his sickness?

4. In your opinion, what should Mr. Nash be known for? His mathematical genius? His decoding skills? His dark madness?

So unfortunately, that’s how my interview turned out. I tried really hard to get an interview for this project, but it wasn’t enough for me to do it. I really wish I found the time earlier because I fell like this could have turned out differently.

But besides the interview, I must say that my eminent person study turned out quite well, and I enjoyed every step to reaching the end. Until next time we meet,

xoxo, Azaly Addam


Annotated Biblography

Hello there,

this is just my bibliography of my Eminent person, John Nash Jr. I mostly got my information on the internet, because there wasn’t enough time to read the book based on him. I mostly used Wikipedia, but I also used a variety of websites to gather my information.












I must thank all these websites for their helpful information that made my project possible. Without their useful information, this would be an impossible task. They have solid information that everyone can trust and use for future projects.

Everything Must Come to an End; Learning Center


After weeks of constant work on night of the notables, it has finally ended! I don’t know if I am feeling happy or sad that my final year of Eminent person has passed.

But I must say, it was one hell of a night!

Starting from the morning of the day, I was very anxious about how everything was going to play off. I haven’t gotten much sleep the night before, so that wasn’t a great start to the day. And after seeing all the beautiful learning centres coming in, I was nervous that my learning centre wasn’t going to be good enough compared to everyone else. And throughout the day, my heart just kept pumping as the moment for speeches started to draw nearer.

But after school is when things started to get really crazy. There was a mixture of emotions in the air, with the grade nines being excited for their first eminent night, while the grade tens quivered as the night carried on. After setting everything up and getting dinner, eminent was only a few hours away.

Before setting up my learning centre, I had to help out Lyle’s because he wasn’t there for the evening. And I won’t lie, it was harder than it looked. So once I finished his centre, I had to rush to mine and start it before dinner began. Everything was going so crazy that I thoughtI was going to pass out. Fortunately, I did not. I was very productive in the 25 minutes that I had and did everything I needed. I don’t know how it was possible, but I have done the impossible.

Then the highlight of the night came. The speeches.

I was really nervous that everyone’s speech would be better than mine. And I had 100% reason to believe that.

THE SPEECHES WERE AMAZING! My god, I don’t think I have seen such an amazing group of people perform so well on stage. They were so calm, and engaging, and I remembered everyone’s speech very well. The speeches might have been an hour, but it felt timeless to me. My speech was alright though. I kinda wished that I practiced more so I didn’t forget a part of my speech. Thank god I was a crazy person, or my speech could have came out awkward. But in the end, I just yelled and ripped some pages, soI guess my speech will kinda be remembered by those who watched it.

And then there was my learning centre. I must say, it was pretty hard to come up with a learning centre for my person. he was a mathematician, so coming up with a learning centre wasn’t going to be easy. However, one thing my person did was decoding, so what I did was set up a kinda conspiracy thing at my station so show that was a pretty big part to him. It wasn’t as nice as other people’s. but it got the job done.

And that’s all folks! That was my Night of the Notable for Eminent 2014, and I must say I enjoyed every part of it.

Here is the link to my photos (I used Anne’s camera so some of her photos will be there)