In-depth #6: Preparing for the End

Oh dear. I don’t have time for anything these days. These past few weeks, and these upcoming few months, will probably be the busiest I have ever been. With my cadets starting to interfere with my TALONS, life has been difficult as I am trying my best to get the full benefits of the two highly dedicated programs. A lot of things are popping out in cadets, and the fact that I am also playing rugby is making the life of young Addam a tad bit more difficult than usual. However, I wouldn’t have joined if I knew it was all going to be easy. It’s going to be difficult at first, but I’ll live.

There is less than a month before in-depth night, and I can already feel all the stress coming to me. For my in-depth skill, car maintenance, I can’t seem to come up with an idea that will engage mt audience and still be creative. There are some skills that can easily be presented in a fun and creative way without being over the top, and I feel like care maintenance is not one of them. My first original idea was to possibly bring a car to the in-depth night (my family members) and show a hands on demonstration on the things I can do. However, this idea might not work so well because 1. my family members need the cars, 2. people might not be able to see my stand from where they are, and 3. there might not be the right space where I can bring a car. So I felt like that idea would not be the greatest.

So my most current idea of presenting my skills are a bunch of “do-it-yourself” videos, which shows me explaining what you’re suppose to do and shows me physically changing whatever I need to show. I could have a screen that shows the videos on a loop, where some “mechanic clothing”, and possibly bring a few tools to show everyone which is which and what things you need to to which task. I haven’t thought of a hands on activity yet, but hopefully I’ll come up with an idea before in-depth night becomes to close.

I haven’t seen my mentor within two weeks because he has been really busy with school and with work. However, this weekend we will be having a three hour session where I am going to tape all the changes I am going to teach for the in-depth night. My time for learning new things seems to be coming to an end. Now, I just need to constantly practice to perfect these skills. My mentor has been really nice about not being able to see me and all of that. I really enjoy being with my mentor, and it seems as if I can follow footsteps similar to his.

Until next time Talons. P.S. I also took some photos to show you what I’ve been doing!




Where oil is stored


Break Disk


Tire separator




Spare tires



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