The Struggle is Real; The Cost of a Single Grain

Hello there.

My name is Francis DuPoint and I own a bakery known as DuPoint’s Boulangerie with my wife, Josephine. Our bakery is the home of wonderful bread, baked to perfection. We have friendly neighbors, and out bakery is placed in the center of a nice quite town. Usually life is great, but lately, it’s been constant work. Work. WORK.

And you know what the real problem is these days?! ROYALS! Dear god, I have spent many nights praying to you, wanting better grains, better costumers, a better life. But all you have given me is a constanly-nagging wife, complaining costumers, and a king who constantly raises the prices of everything that we as middle-class people can barely afford already! I AM FRUSTRATED! As a baker, I’m whats keeping people alive! Yeah sure, farmers are the key to food and so on and so forth, but what if these farmers didn’t have us produce the bread? They would just be stuck with fortunes of grains and not be able to use them! I’m sorry, I’ve just been really stressed about the raising of prices and everything. I’m not usually this rude. We as people need to do something. My wife is always telling me how she has conversations with this Reine Audu chick, and how people are talking about doing something. But I think they won’t. They’re scared. Although there was this one person who came to my shop. He seemed wealthy, as he dressed in nice clothing, although he was far too nice to be royal. His name was Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a philosopher. I had a pleasant conversation with him. He said “I think it’s impossible that the great monarchies of Europe can last much longer.” And for some odd reason, that gave me hope. I wasn’t the only one feeling like this. Maybe people are realizing what they need to do. They need to talk to the king. They need to negotiate to a point where we can live in peace.But as always, they do nothing.

And I can’t do that.  I’m just a simple baker, trying to make a living in the complicated world I am in. The price of crops are rising, so the prices of bread must rise as well. I need to make a living, and the fact that people can barely afford my bread is making everything worse. I’ve already seen a few of my regular costumers not come in anymore. I hope the kind realizes what he’s doing and that he himself will come to order. Until then, back to making baguettes.


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