The Final Blog Post: Plans for the Future

Oh dear, my final blog post already. And I was here thinking I had plenty of time left for In-depth night. As the marked day slowly approaches, I realize one thing: never do anything last minute anymore. I have lost sleep and good working time because I chose to leave things to the last minute, which I strongly regret. But there is nothing I can do about it now, but plan my time wisely so I can get everything done while putting my best efforts. This is going to be a long week of filled stress and agony, but I am prepared.

So for my in-depth night, my ideas are not set and stone but I do have a rough idea of what I want to do. Earlier, I already said that it would be really cool if I managed to bring a real car to the school and show hand-on-hand maintenance on the car, but that seems really difficult. I would need to find a car that someone is okay with lending to me for the night and I would need  to find space that is easy to see by people and that is close enough to know that I’m part of the actual night.

So for my final idea, I’ve decided to a tutorial-like learning center where people can come and learn the same skills I learned in a more concise and faster way. At my learning center, there will be a screen that will constantly show videos of me doing car maintenance tutorials that can easily be watched in a few minutes. This will show that I know the skills well enough that I can teach others what I have been learning over the few months. Besides the video, I also was planning to set my learning center in a garage sort of layout. I would prefer a corner spot in the MPR to be able to bring tools and equipment that I need to actually do these maintenance. This will show that I am really in character and create an atmosphere of a low maintained guy who’s life consists of working on cars.

I am really excited for In-depth night, but I am also really nervous. I really hope that I’ll do well and make my first In-depth night an amazing experience.

Azaly Addam: Out.

The French Resolution: The End of a Complicated Baker Life

Finally. The trouble of life has started to die down as the Revolution has come to an end. I must admit, why wife and I were scared for our lives for most of it. People were going mad, fighting in the streets, death everywhere. But it seems as if people are calming down. In the beginning it was really scary. People were desperate, and they would do anything to survive the revolution. We as simple bakers did not want any harm. We were just trying to make a business, and survive the hard world we currently live in. The king and queen have been executed, and the country is trying to rebuild what’s left of it.

I’m at the point where I don’t know what I should do for myself or my wife. France is trying to build a new government, something where people have a say in what happens. But I feel like this won’t do us any good. People can never appreciate what they have until it’s gone. I didn’t think the Monarchy was a bad idea; that all we need was a different leader with different negotiation. But then again, who am I to say what’s better or worse for the people? I’m just a simple baker after all. Now people are all about new things, new people, new government. And once my wife and I noticed less and less bread riots, we knew the people were ready to accept the new world. We can live the simple life we always wanted now.

I know France will never be the same, what I don’t know is whether it will be better or worse. Thousands of people have died because of the French Revolution, and those people will never be forgotten. My friends who were involved in the uprising, now dead. Because of the Revolution, people now know that they can make a difference. The government now know that people will cause destruction when things are not going their ways. Everyone knows that France can never be the same as it was before all this madness happened. I didn’t want any of this to happen now that I know all the troubles that have raised from it. I didn’t want anyone to die. I didn’t want the government to be changed. I just wanted to make a living.

I, as Francis DuPoint, a simple baker in the French Revolution, want to be remembered as the baker who did not let the Revolution get to him. Even though I was scared for my wife’s and I life, and the dangers of other people who went mad during the Revolution threatened us every single day, we did not lose our minds. We stood what we believed in, tried to make a living, and be the best bakers we are meant to be. Now that everything is over, I am keen to rebuilding my bakery’s reputation, make myself and my wife happy, and sell some good loaves on the way.

Francis DuPoint: Out.

It is all over now

It is all over now


In-depth #6: Preparing for the End

Oh dear. I don’t have time for anything these days. These past few weeks, and these upcoming few months, will probably be the busiest I have ever been. With my cadets starting to interfere with my TALONS, life has been difficult as I am trying my best to get the full benefits of the two highly dedicated programs. A lot of things are popping out in cadets, and the fact that I am also playing rugby is making the life of young Addam a tad bit more difficult than usual. However, I wouldn’t have joined if I knew it was all going to be easy. It’s going to be difficult at first, but I’ll live.

There is less than a month before in-depth night, and I can already feel all the stress coming to me. For my in-depth skill, car maintenance, I can’t seem to come up with an idea that will engage mt audience and still be creative. There are some skills that can easily be presented in a fun and creative way without being over the top, and I feel like care maintenance is not one of them. My first original idea was to possibly bring a car to the in-depth night (my family members) and show a hands on demonstration on the things I can do. However, this idea might not work so well because 1. my family members need the cars, 2. people might not be able to see my stand from where they are, and 3. there might not be the right space where I can bring a car. So I felt like that idea would not be the greatest.

So my most current idea of presenting my skills are a bunch of “do-it-yourself” videos, which shows me explaining what you’re suppose to do and shows me physically changing whatever I need to show. I could have a screen that shows the videos on a loop, where some “mechanic clothing”, and possibly bring a few tools to show everyone which is which and what things you need to to which task. I haven’t thought of a hands on activity yet, but hopefully I’ll come up with an idea before in-depth night becomes to close.

I haven’t seen my mentor within two weeks because he has been really busy with school and with work. However, this weekend we will be having a three hour session where I am going to tape all the changes I am going to teach for the in-depth night. My time for learning new things seems to be coming to an end. Now, I just need to constantly practice to perfect these skills. My mentor has been really nice about not being able to see me and all of that. I really enjoy being with my mentor, and it seems as if I can follow footsteps similar to his.

Until next time Talons. P.S. I also took some photos to show you what I’ve been doing!




Where oil is stored


Break Disk


Tire separator




Spare tires



January 22nd 1793: The Beginning of the End

It has been one day since the death of our king, and I am not prepared for what’s coming up next.

His death was not a clean one. There were so many watchers, just chanting and waiting foe the beheading of the man that lead to so many deaths. The man that caused all of this trouble within the people. The man who was the reason that my ribs are broken.

In the middle of one bread riot, the commoners got so out of control that they started pushing people the the floor. Commoners were mad at Josephin and I, so they felt like they needed to push me into a wall, breaking my rib, possibly two. Now I have to work extra hard at making bread; their idea of almost killing a baker wasn’t a smart one.

Ever since the rise of prices for bread, commoners have constantly rioted in the cities of France. People need to be able to live, and without have enough money to buy bread now, how are they suppose to live? Commoners need to realize that the rise of prices in bread cannot simply be changed. There are grains that we must buy, and with bad weather and all, grains cost more money. And my wife and I need to survive in this sad world too.

But I feel like the death of the king will not lead to the world they wanted. People need order, something to look up to. And the king, although hated, was something people can look to to lead their country. I’m not saying that I liked the man, I hated him as much as any other commoner. But it was not the right decision to kill him and start a new government. People do not know what they want, and this Republic idea might ruin France to the ground. I think we should have a new monarch, someone people can look up to and make sure that everyone is equal, the bread prices are stable, and everyone can live.

People are still celebrating in the streets, cheering for the new government, but I think it won’t be so easy. I think the republic will help for a bit, but one people don’t know what to do and problems arises, that’s when everything will fall.

But for now, I am keen on living the simply life with my wife and enjoying my time with some good rhymes. And bake bread for the people as well.



The Struggle is Real; The Cost of a Single Grain

Hello there.

My name is Francis DuPoint and I own a bakery known as DuPoint’s Boulangerie with my wife, Josephine. Our bakery is the home of wonderful bread, baked to perfection. We have friendly neighbors, and out bakery is placed in the center of a nice quite town. Usually life is great, but lately, it’s been constant work. Work. WORK.

And you know what the real problem is these days?! ROYALS! Dear god, I have spent many nights praying to you, wanting better grains, better costumers, a better life. But all you have given me is a constanly-nagging wife, complaining costumers, and a king who constantly raises the prices of everything that we as middle-class people can barely afford already! I AM FRUSTRATED! As a baker, I’m whats keeping people alive! Yeah sure, farmers are the key to food and so on and so forth, but what if these farmers didn’t have us produce the bread? They would just be stuck with fortunes of grains and not be able to use them! I’m sorry, I’ve just been really stressed about the raising of prices and everything. I’m not usually this rude. We as people need to do something. My wife is always telling me how she has conversations with this Reine Audu chick, and how people are talking about doing something. But I think they won’t. They’re scared. Although there was this one person who came to my shop. He seemed wealthy, as he dressed in nice clothing, although he was far too nice to be royal. His name was Jean-Jacques Rousseau, a philosopher. I had a pleasant conversation with him. He said “I think it’s impossible that the great monarchies of Europe can last much longer.” And for some odd reason, that gave me hope. I wasn’t the only one feeling like this. Maybe people are realizing what they need to do. They need to talk to the king. They need to negotiate to a point where we can live in peace.But as always, they do nothing.

And I can’t do that.  I’m just a simple baker, trying to make a living in the complicated world I am in. The price of crops are rising, so the prices of bread must rise as well. I need to make a living, and the fact that people can barely afford my bread is making everything worse. I’ve already seen a few of my regular costumers not come in anymore. I hope the kind realizes what he’s doing and that he himself will come to order. Until then, back to making baguettes.


In-depth Blog Post #5: Taking the Initiative

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged last; before spring break I believe.

Wow, the year is passing by so fast, and there are so many events and tasks I need to go to and do before my nest break. Oh man. April, May, and June will be something I’ll remember for quite a while (if it doesn’t kill me first).

So over the break, I was fortunate enough to meet with my mentor for an extra hour as he was busy during the second week of the break. The break gets really busy at his work, so having the opportunity to go while the workshop is closed is something I greatly appreciated from my mentor.

During this lesson, we took a step up as the next vehicle maintenance skill I learned was much more difficult than the previous mechanic skills I learned. And can not be done simply at home, as shop equipment is needed to lift the vehicle up and make sure it is safe to work on. My last session, we focused on the back of the truck (which is what we were working on) and had to fix the break pads. I can honestly say that this kind of maintenance needs higher level of experience and I could not work on the break pads without more knowledge. However, knowing how the break pads work will prove to be helpful in the future when I can hopefully diagnose the problem earlier and have more knowledge on car maintenance.  The break pads of a vehicle is quite fascinating, as I have come to a realization that the car holds itself up; every part is needed, as they overlap each other. Without a part, the vehicle would most likely have a problem. The break pads have two components: the primary pad and the secondary pad. The primary pad squeezes the disc of the break, with moves the wheel, while the secondary break acts as a wedge. The two pads work together constantly, and although made out of a solid material, ware down as they undergo constant stress of breaking. In the other hour, he taught me the different filters, parts I did not know about the car, and liquids the car uses. Every vehicle needs its own type of liquid, being different than the other. I thought that each car would tell the owner which item belonged to the car. However, mechanics have a computer which has records of a variety of vehicles, so they know which item goes with which car. To properly maintain a vehicle, owners need to study the cars they’re using to be able to maintain their vehicles properly.

Now to answer questions!

1. My mentor, like any other person, forgets. So my mentor likes to leave 10 minutes of every session to ask questions that Ii have or ask things I want to learn for next time. He gives me an opportunity to ask what I want to be taught,  and gives me suggestions of things I should look for on my free time to ask next time we meet.

2. I like to spend time to review things I recently learned. My mentor does not specifically gives me any sort of tests or anything, but before we start our sessions, he usually asks questions about what I learned at my last session. Mechanic skills can easily be forgotten, so reviewing daily is needed.

3. We can only meet so often, and my mentor knows that. So my mentor might have moments where he knows people who are giving workshops or lessons on these kind of things. Unfortunately, I have been too busy and crammed to attend any of these workshops and enhance my learning, but there are opportunities for me too meet other mechanics and learn different mechanic skills and learn in different ways.

4. When we’re together, my mentor and I have a lot of things to talk about. We usually find time to talk about the news, our days, what’s going on in our lives, but most commonly: movies. I cannot stress this enough. We both love movies. And it is quite ridiculous how many movies we both enjoy.

5. The fact that my mentor has time to show me things that he hasn’t planned to show me is probably one of the best things going on between us. He knows that there’s a lot of things I would like to know, and the fact that he’s that dedicated to me to spend extra time to show me these things makes me feel really good about my in-depth project.

6. We’re learning what kind of people we are. It is easier to have a conversation with my mentor at my sessions, and I feel comfortable talking to him now, as I am slowly finding out the person he is. He is so modest, never showing off the things he can do or the things he has accomplished. He’s very funny, which breaks the ice most of the time. I can see myself looking up to someone like this; with a great mind and a kind soul.

Until next time blog!