Blog Post #4: An Interesting Connection

Good day. It’s been almost a week since I have seen my mentor last, and I’m planning to meet him again tomorrow afternoon. At our last meeting, we had the opportunity to give an oil change to a car. You must change your oil and its filter every 4 months or about every 5000 km, and an oil change, which can be simply understood and done, would be quite costly if done by a professional mechanic. As my learning progresses, my mentor constantly repeats a phrase; 90% of a mechanic’s job is to diagnose the problem of a car. I totally agree with his comment. I can learn how to change everything inside a car, from the wheels to the engine, but if I do not know what’s wrong, I can’t change anything. I think the hardest obstacle I am going to face is being able to understand what solutions work with which problems. Skills like these take years of experiences; years I do not simply have. However, I am enjoying the new skills I am learning.

An oil change can be done quite easily. You must first empty out all the previous oil into a container. Then drain the oil filter, which collects all the gunk and materials that get stuck in the oil, before adding the new oil in. There are different types of oils, and cars need specific thicknesses of oil. This knowledge will help me perform oil changes to my future car and save a couple of bucks.

I have seen my mentor a couple of times by now, and there are a lot of things I like about him. He is wise, knowledgeable, and quite funny. However, the most challenging difficulty so far is being able to find a connection with him. Although we both enjoy movies and enjoy similar films, we do not have a lot of common ground, as he enjoys things that I do not. This makes it a bit more difficult to be comfortable around him as I constantly feel that he has better things to do and that I am just a student wasting his time. Although this is most likely not the case, I feel as it would be better for both of us if we had more similarities.

That being said, I think the fact that I am understanding the concepts and being able to work on these skills easily is working very well. When I can do the tasks he has asked me to do, I feel better about myself and not feel as if I’m just wasting his time. He has very useful skills and is teaching me the most useful engine works to more complex ones. As the weeks progresses, I feel as I can learn much more challenging skills.

As stated before, the bond between my mentor and myself can be established much better. We are still fairly new to each other, and finding common ground between us is important. When we take breaks and have free time, I want to try harder to find a topic we can both chat about such as last night’s hockey game or the new movie coming out.

In my next meeting, I will learn how to change a spare tire. So just in case my car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, I can get right back!